Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1577

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1577 – Stay With You “Sit.” Lucian held Roxanne’s hand and gestured for her to sit on the couch.

After she sat down, Lucian stepped into the cockpit. Roxanne raised her head and watched him operate the aircraft. Moments later, the helicopter slowly
ascended into the sky.

“You know how to pilot a helicopter?” she asked, astonished. Lucian chuckled. “Truth be told, there are very few things in this world I don’t know how to do.”

Roxanne was stunned for a few seconds. He’s not wrong, considering he was born into an extremely affluent family.

He has too much energy and money to develop any interests and hobbies he has. It’s a shame he didn’t show any of it in our previous marriage.

Having guessed what was on her mind, Lucian glanced back and said, “I only learned how to fly a helicopter two years ago.

As for the rest of my skills, I’ll show them to you in the future.” Roxanne flashed him a small smile.

As the helicopter flew high into the sky, Lucian suggested, “Look outside the window.” Roxanne looked out and saw the moon and stars that were magnified before her eyes, making her feel as though she could touch them just by stretching her hand out.

As she watched the celestial objects in the sky slowly pass her by, she gradually relaxed and felt satisfied.

Retracting her gaze, she commented, “It’s so beautiful.” Lucian was delighted that she enjoyed the trip. “Do you want to look at the sea?”

Roxanne nodded at first, but shortly after, she asked in hesitation, “Can I? It’s so late already.” “It’s pretty close, and the helicopter’s fast.

We’ll be there in a few minutes.” Lucian was aware of her love for the sea. He speedily turned the aircraft around and flew toward the ocean.

Roxanne lay next to the window in anticipation and gazed at the mountains below. Minutes later, the sea appeared in front of her.

As the waves rolled by, the stars and the moon reflected on the sea looked as if they were floating on the surface.

Roxanne was dumbstruck by the beauty of the scene. Suddenly, Lucian appeared next to her. “Do you like it?” Roxanne nodded subconsciously.

Just as she was going to answer his question, she recalled something and pointed at the pilot’s seat. “Why have you come here?

The helicopter—” He hugged her from behind comfortingly. “I’ve set it to autopilot.” Still, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel nervous as her body tensed up.

Upon detecting her tension, Lucian kissed the back of her ear and chuckled. “As long as I can stay with you, I don’t mind if we fall.”

Immediately, she covered his mouth. “Don’t say nonsense like that! We won’t fall. The kids are still so young!”

Lucian intentionally buried his head in the nape of her neck with regrets. “Then will you die with me once they grow up?” He was only half-joking.

Roxanne loosened her grip and stared at him with a probing look. “What’s the matter with you? Why did you ask that question all of a sudden?”

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