Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1571

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1571 – A Similar Situation Cayden rushed over to the office when he received a call from the manager of the IT department at nine in the evening.

He went wide-eyed with shock when he saw the clip of the three kids dancing with their bottoms bare on the screen.

Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to solve an issue that even their technicians couldn’t. Cayden was about to call the police about the attack when one of the employees said, “Wait a minute… This situation feels kind of familiar…”

Everyone shifted their gaze toward him upon hearing that. The employee scratched his head nervously as he continued, “If I recall correctly, Pearson Group received a similar attack back then.

Their screens also had a clip of a child dancing. Mr. Farwell sent me over to resolve the issue—” He was halfway through his sentence when his supervisor smacked his head and cut him off, “If you know what this is, then hurry up and take care of it!”

“I wasn’t able to fix it that time. In the end, it was Mr. Farwell himself who resolved the issue and repaired Pearson Group’s security system,” the employee explained.

Everyone exchanged nervous glances when they heard that. Farwell Group is paying us a really hug salary to work here. What good are we if we can’t handle a simple virus like this and end up troubling Mr. Farwell to fix it for us? But…

The technicians could only let out helpless sighs as they stared at the dancing kids on the screen. They knew they were unable to resolve the issue on their own. Fearing that the virus would corrupt the files in their system, they had no choice but to call for help.

“You guys continue working on this while I contact Mr. Farwell,” Cayden said, making a prompt decision. As he wasn’t a part of the IT department, there wasn’t much he could do in that situation except swallow his pride and give Lucian a call.

Meanwhile, in the Farwell residence, Lucian was about to take his family out for a walk after dinner when he received a call from Cayden.
The look on his face grew solemn when he heard that the IT department needed him to resolve the firewall hack. “Got it, I’ll head over right away.”

“What’s wrong?” Roxanne asked in confusion. “Something happened at work. I need to head over and have a look,” Lucian replied.

He then threw on his coat and walked out the front door. The three kids exchanged glances when they saw the serious look on his face.

C-Could that be due to the virus I planted? Shouldn’t everyone be off work by now, though? That virus I planted was a very simple one, so they shouldn’t need to trouble Daddy with it, right?

Benny reassured himself as the three of them sat on the couch and watched television. As nobody said a word, the entire living room fell silent all of a sudden.

Roxanne, too, was feeling a little depressed as she recalled the negotiation with Jack earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Lucian rushed over to Farwell Group as quickly as he could.

He couldn’t help but feel an odd sense of familiarity when he saw the three kids dancing on screen. That was especially the case when he noticed the three kids were two boys and a girl.

Upon realizing that the boys looked similar to each other, he thought of the three kids at home and what Roxanne told him earlier.

As Lucian grew increasingly confused, the supervisor approached him and said cautiously, “Mr. Farwell, this situation is similar to the one at Pearson Group back then.”

Lucian shot him a glance before sitting down at one of the workstations. With an expressionless look on his face, he typed in a command on the keyboard.
A few seconds later, a string of codes appeared on screen.

The employees gathered around out of curiosity, only to gasp in awe as Lucian easily took care of the virus in a matter of minutes.

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