Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1570

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1570 – Pulling A Prank The serious look on Roxanne’s face got Lucian wondering just how skilled Archie and Benny were with computers.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Estella stared curiously at Archie and Benny as she asked, “Do you two not want Daddy to teach you?”

As Archie and Benny had no reason to keep secrets from her, they nodded honestly in response. Estella frowned in confusion.

“Do you two not like computers? Daddy’s really amazing, you know? You two will become professional hackers if he teaches you!”

Lucian used to tutor her personally back then, but he had to stop because she started losing focus due to her condition.

He never continued those lessons after that. If Daddy had continued teaching me, I would definitely be the best hacker out there right now!

At least, that’s what Daddy told me! Archie and Benny exchanged glances as they whispered in her ear, “We’ll let you in on a little secret here.

The truth is, we’re already very skilled with computers, so we don’t want to start learning everything from the beginning.”

Estella’s face was filled with disbelief when she heard that. I’m better at using a computer than the other kids my age only because Daddy personally taught me. Who could’ve taught Archie and Benny?

Noticing the look of doubt on her face, Benny pulled out his computer and demonstrated his skills with it. “Watch closely!”

Despite what he said, he actually hadn’t thought of how he would showcase his skills. The look of doubt in Estella’s eyes intensified when she saw him staring blankly at the computer screen.

“I can teach you if you don’t want Daddy to, Benny,” she said with a serious expression. I may not be as skilled as Daddy when it comes to such things, but I should be good enough to teach Benny!

She was about to take the computer out of Benny’s hands when he came up with a bright idea. “Wait! I know what I can do!”

Archie and Estella stared at him in confusion as he booted up the computer and typed rapidly on the keyboard.

A few seconds later, a string of codes began running on the screen. Archie and Estella kept their eyes on the screen as they waited eagerly to see what would happen.

Benny’s eyes were filled with excitement as well. I’m the second-best hacker in the world, but I haven’t tried hacking into the system of Daddy’s company.

People say his company has a really skilled team of technicians in the IT department. They should be off work by now, so I’ll try pulling a little prank on them!

At around eight in the evening, the computer screens of all the employees at Farwell Group went black for a few seconds.

The next thing they knew, a video clip of three kids dancing hand-in-hand with their buttocks bare appeared on the screens.

“What the… Who has the audacity to hack into Farwell Group’s computer system?” someone exclaimed in shock after realizing that it was the work of a hacker.

Most importantly, Farwell Group had the best cyber security in the industry, so they couldn’t imagine anyone being able to hack into it.

On top of all that, the hacker had gone through so much trouble invading their system just to pull a childish prank on them.

Angered and frustrated, the employees who were working overtime in the IT department got all riled up and typed away furiously on their keyboards.

However, the look of disbelief on their faces only intensified as time went by.

This hacker merely planted a tiny virus in our system, and yet, we can’t seem to bring it down no matter how hard we try!

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