Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1572

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1572 – Is The Company Doing All Right Just as the crowd thought Lucian would stop, they saw him typing another string of code to trace the hacker’s IP address.

After he was done, he stood and faced the members of the IT department, who lowered their heads in guilt. Not only did they revere Lucian because he was their boss but also because of his impressive skills.

They had no choice but to submit to his questioning. “Farwell Group didn’t pay you all a high salary to do nothing.” Lucian was dissatisfied.

“This is the second time it has happened already, yet none of you solved the problem or figured out who the hacker is!” The crowd exchanged glances silently.

Right then, someone steeled themselves and explained, “The hacker’s far better than us, Mr. Farwell. We suspect—”Lucian snorted meaningfully, cutting him off The crowd turned to Lucian in puzzlement.

While they weren’t paying attention, he returned to the seat and looked at the culprit’s IP address on the screen.

He appeared shocked but proud at the same time. His expression confused the crowd, prompting them to wonder if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Upon closing the window, Lucian uttered, “If none of you can’t even win against two children, then it’s time to self-reflect.” Two children?

Is Mr. Farwell mocking us? Lucian was too lazy to explain the situation to the others. He turned to Cayden and ordered, “Cancel the bonus for everyone in the IT department this month.” With that, he left.

The employees of the IT department lamented in their minds. Everything was going fine with our overtime work until a hacker suddenly penetrated our system and caused us to lose our bonus! What is this terrible luck?

Yet, none dared to voice their thoughts because Lucian had solved the problem they were supposed to.

By the time Lucian left the IT department with Cayden, it was nearly ten at night. Just as he arrived at the company entrance, he stopped, lifted his head, and stared at the night sky.

When Cayden saw Lucian stop moving, he thought the latter was angry and spoke carefully. “Please don’t get angry, Mr. Farwell.

The y—” Before he could finish his sentence, he heard Lucian say, “I want to use the small helicopter from the last time later. Make the appropriate
arrangements for me.”

Cayden was about to ask Lucian more questions, but the latter stepped past him and got into the car.

Seeing that, he swallowed the questions at the tip of his tongue and made calls to fulfill Lucian’s request. Lucian drove all the way back to the Farwell residence.

Upon entering the building, he saw Roxanne and the children were still in the same spots as when he left.

He didn’t notice how anxious the children were until after he discovered the hacker’s IP address.

When the children saw his return, they shuddered and quickly approached him with ingratiating smiles. “You’re back, Daddy?

Is the company doing all right?” Furrowing his brows, Lucian pretended to stare at them with a serious look. “None of you have anything to tell me?”

The moment he ended his sentence, the children promptly exchanged silent glances while looking dejected.

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