Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1569

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1569 – They Did Not Need Tutoring Roxanne felt quite uneasy when the kids called them “Daddy” and “Mommy” in front of so many people.

This was the first time she had made her relationship with Lucian public in front of the parents and teachers at the kindergarten.

Regardless of whether they had remarried or not, everyone around them already saw her as a member of the Farwell family.

Before Roxanne knew it, the kids had squeezed their way through the crowd and wrapped their arms around her and Lucian’s legs.

“Daddy! Mommy! Why have you two come to pick us up together today?” Benny asked curiously. Roxanne simply kept quiet and turned toward Lucian.

“I happened to get off work early, and your mommy didn’t have to work overtime today, so we came here together. What’s wrong?

Do you kids not like it?” he said casually and naturally, as if they had already been a loving family for decades.

“We love it!” the three kids replied in unison. “Mommy, could you and Daddy come pick us up together every day from now onward?”

Estella asked in an adorable voice. Roxanne had wanted to tell her that she would come as long as she had the time to but changed her mind when she saw the expectant look in Estella’s eyes. “

All right. I’ll try my best to.” Pippa was smiling happily when she saw the sweet and harmonious family of five.

Despite what the public is saying about them, the changes in Estella’s condition all this while prove they’re the most suitable for each other.

Roxanne left with the kids after saying goodbye to Pippa, who simply smiled and waved at her as usual. “I made some preparations.

We can start the basic lessons once we get back,” Lucian told Archie and Benny all of a sudden on the drive home.

It took Roxanne a few seconds to realize he was talking about teaching them to use a computer.

Oh? He even made preparations in advance? I didn’t expect him to take it so seriously!

As Roxanne turned around and saw the pleading look in Archie and Benny’s eyes, she could tell that the two geniuses obviously didn’t want to start learning from the beginning.

Roxanne then let out a chuckle and told Lucian, “Come on, let’s not rush things now. They just finished a day of school, so we should let them get some rest. The lessons can wait until the weekend.”

Noticing that Roxanne was helping them out, Archie and Benny quickly played along. “We’re tired, Daddy! We need some rest!”

Naturally, Lucian wasn’t going to force anything on them. “All right, then. Make sure to get ready for your classes on the weekend,” he replied with a nod.

Archie and Benny dreaded those classes, but they smiled obediently and nodded anyway. “Okay, Daddy! We’ll be prepared!”

As Estella was sitting very close to them, she could clearly see that they were reluctant to take those lessons.

Although she was confused by their reactions, she knew better than to ask them about it. Fearing that Lucian would talk aout teaching them to use the computer again, the kids immediately ran back to their bedroom after dinner.

Having noticed how much the kids resented the topic, Lucian asked in amusement, “Do they hate computers, or is it too early for me to teach them this stuff?”

Roxanne glanced in the direction of the stairs and saw that the kids were already nowhere in sight. “They don’t need you to teach them at all.”

She then shifted her gaze back toward Lucian as she continued, “Archie and Benny grew up in my mentor’s research institute.

They displayed amazing talent for information technology at a very young age, and that’s especially the case for Benny. One of my colleagues at the research institute had been teaching them how to use a computer after noticing their talent, so Benny excels in this area.”

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