Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1565

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1565 – Proof Of course, Roxanne did her research before setting the price.

Because of that, she became even more aware of the pressure the patients faced. If the medicine cost too much, many people wouldn’t be able to afford it and could only wait for their doom.

That was a tragedy she didn’t want to see occurring again. “Yes, my price is low. However, as I said before, I’ll buy Damaris Group’s medicinal herbs.

Once the production of the medicine has matured, the cost of manufacture will drop greatly. Additionally, if the patients are able to afford the medicine, they’ll continue to buy them.

This way, Damaris Group won’t suffer any losses. The only downside is that the profit will be a little low,” stated Roxanne confidently.

However, Jack just stared at Roxanne as though she was an idiot. “What makes you think people will trust that the medicine is legitimate and buy them if you set the price this low?”

Pursing her lips, she insisted, “Someone will buy them! Once they do and realize it works, thousands more will follow suit!”

Moreover, when the medicine hits the market, it’ll have Damaris Group’s brand on it. The company has garnered an excellent reputation over the past century, so people will believe in the product when they see Damaris Group’s name.

That’s why I won’t give up on Damaris Group that easily. Upon seeing how stubborn she was, he was too lazy to argue with her. “You should at least set the price at three hundred per box.”

“As doctors, we must consider the issue from the patient’s perspective. Three hundred is still too expensive for them. I disagree with that price,” refuted Roxanne.

In response, Jack used her own words to question her. “Didn’t you say you wanted to guarantee the employee’s benefits? How are you going to achieve that with such a low price? Do you think everyone’s as benevolent as you?”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne wavered as her expression shifted slightly. That is something I failed to consider.

Tightening her fist, she insisted, “I’ll explain the situation to them. I believe they’ll understand me.” Most of the research institute’s employees were personally hired by Harvey, and she believed her teacher had a good eye when it came to people.

Additionally, she was confident that long-term profits would be guaranteed. Lastly, she was sure that if people spread the good word about the medicine, she could use it to assure the public that other medicines developed by the research institute in the future would be trustworthy.

“Then tell them yourself.” Jack stood up from the couch coldly and looked down at her. “I came to negotiate with the utmost sincerity. I even accepted your condition that Damaris Group would only take thirty-five percent of the profit. However, I didn’t expect you to be this stubborn!”

Roxanne responded by staring at him quietly. “Even if you successfully convinced the employees in the research institute to accept your pricing, my people won’t agree to it.

Therefore, if you insist on selling each box at one hundred and twenty, then I rather let this medicine rot in the warehouse!” His tone was resolute, expressing his disinterest in further negotiation. Just as he ended his sentence, he turned around and headed to the exit.

Still, she refused to give up. “Do your words reflect Old Mr. Damaris’ attitude, Mr. Damaris?” I don’t believe Old Mr. Damaris shares the same opinion as him!

Without even turning his head, Jack answered, “My grandfather has gotten senile, so I’m in charge of Damaris Group now. Contact me when you’ve changed your mind.” He left as soon as he finished his sentence. Roxanne stared at the exit for a long time before giving up and looking away

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