Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1564

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1564 – Taught You Well Seeing that Jack had finally capitulated, Roxanne inwardly heaved a sigh of relief and continued to lower Damaris Group’s profit split.

“Damaris Group will take thirty-five percent.” From the moment he spoke first, he had already lost. He remarked with a scowl, “You really know how to conduct business, Ms. Jarvis. I’m impressed.”

Roxanne replied calmly, “I merely stated the facts. Besides, in the future, we’ll be purchasing the medicinal herbs by ourselves, so Damaris Group won’t suffer any losses either.”

“Seems like Mr. Farwell has taught you well.” Jack sneered. Instead of continuing that topic, she added, “Oh, right, the collaboration between the research institute and Damaris Group isn’t long-term.

Thus, the profit split is only applied to this project. Any collaborations between the two entities in the future will be discussed if and when it happens.”

Jack’s smile slowly turned cold as he could no longer control his expression. “As expected from you, Mrs. Farwell. You really are an expert in conducting business.”

The fact that he kept bringing Lucian up ticked Roxanne off. Her countenance darkened as she spat, “If you want to chat with Mr. Farwell that badly, I don’t mind calling him over.”

“I just wanted to point out that you’ve changed a lot after getting together with Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis.” Staring at her meaningfully, Jack commented, “To me, you’re supposed to be just a doctor. When did you become so opportunistic?”

He was basically hinting at her that Lucian was merely using her for his own benefit. Upon understanding the meaning behind his words, Roxanne was amused.

I wonder if Jack can still say the same thing if he learns Lucian told me to agree to the fifty percent split and use the opportunity to learn medicine from the Damaris family.

As he observed the change in her expression, he narrowed his eyes. I feel like the thoughts running through her mind right now are things I don’t want to hear.

His expression turned frigid as he realized that. Then, he silently glanced at the aroma lamp with an icy look. When he faced her again, he nonchalantly changed the topic. “How are you planning to set the price for this batch of medicine, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne contemplated that matter before. Just as she was going to reply to him, he spoke again while gazing at her intently.

“There are medicines like this overseas, too. Even though their effectiveness is worse than ours, their price range from seven hundred to one thousand each. The more expensive ones could sell for more than ten thousand.”

The word “profit” was scribbled all over his face. However, as if she didn’t hear him at all, she uttered, “One hundred and twenty.”

Jack’s expression froze as a look of disbelief flashed past his eyes. Moments later, he inquired with a complicated expression, “One pill will cost one hundred and twenty?”

Furrowing her eyebrows, Roxanne uttered, “One box.” “What?” He was bewildered. “Did you not do any market research at all?

Or did I not explain myself clearly earlier? The market price for medicines like this is at least triple your price!”

As he thought about the number she proposed again, he sneered. “Even if we don’t compare your price to the market’s, there’s no way you’ll break even with that amount!

Do you know how expensive Damaris Group’s medicinal herbs are? Do you think your research institute can conduct the research without cost?

It seems like I’ve overestimated Mr. Farwell. His teachings are clearly inadequate. I can’t believe how naïve you are.”

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