Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 5

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 5 – -DAMIAN-

“Refill, boss?” Greg, the bartender, offered. I pushed my glass and nodded, thanking him.

I was seated at the bar of Black Hotel’s ballroom with three of my best friends, Charlie, Matt, and Luke, Charlie was here as his girlfriend’s plus one in my stepsister’s batch’s reunion night, while Luke and Matt were just gate crashing.

Too many familiar faces were present in the lively crowd gathered tonight, yet I couldn’t put a name on each of them Luke shouted his order for a third beer. His bottle hits the table, condensation dripping down the edge. He quickly peeked at his phone, smiling like a sap before he tucked it in his suit jacket pocket.

“Savi?” Matt asked, lifting his glass to his mouth. Luke answered him with a quick nod. “She wants you home?” Luke laughed lightly, mumbling a no. “Sent me a photo that made me want to go home.” “Women,” Matt blew out a tired breath. “She wants you to go home, but it has to be your idea.

Luke shrugs. “I don’t give a f uck, man. Still gonna go home and have S** with my girl.” Matt belched, finishing his bourbon in one go. “They’re getting smarter as you fall deeper, then find flaws in everything you do. He shook his head. “Not gonna go through that sh it again.”

Matt recently broke off his engagement with Monique. It turned him bitter, and he loathed the idea of settling down like it. was a f ucking poison.
“Come on, Matt, Charlie draped an arm over Matt’s shoulder. “I dragged you here to have fun and unwind, celebrate Damian’s promotion.

Your grouchy face is co ckblo king you. There’s a field of single women here,” he motioned towards the dance floor.
Matt groaned, asking for a refill of his drink. “I’d rather spend my night watching football at home. I’m here because you blackmailed me with those naked baby pictures.”

I almost choked on my whiskey.
Charlie slapped a hand on the back of Matt’s shoulder. “Don’t be such a baby. You looked cute in those pictures.”
That was the problem with cousins growing up together.

You know almost every dirty detail of each other’s childhood, and in this scenario, Charlie used it to his advantage.
“F uck you, man,” Matt groaned and turned to me. “Did this mo ron blackmail you as well?” He knew I would avoid an event like this, even if my life depended on it. “We can slice his tires later if you want.”

Charlie chuckled, answering for me. “Believe it or not, D is here on his own accord.”
“Yeah?” Matt and Luke stared at me as if I had grown two heads. First, you come home after ten years to take over as CEO of your Dad’s company, and now you’re wearing a suit and tie. Are you sick or something?”

Three months ago, Dad was ecstatic when I went home and expressed my intentions of finally staying at Roslin City for good. As his sole heir, he couldn’t wait to give me his CEO position and retire.

For years, I’d been working behind the scenes overseas, heading the expansion of Black Hotels across the globe I liked it that way, but he said I was more than ready to take over the company.

If only he knew the reason I came home. A five-foot-six, leggy brunette that tore my heart out of my chest, and wanted to piece it back together and do it all over again.

Sonja’s persistence surprised me. The next day, after I broke things off with her, she showed up in my ‘stinky’ apartment dressed in a figure-hugging silver dress, acting as if nothing had happened the night before. I still remember the first time she wore that for me.

I dragged those thin straps down her arms with my teeth while my hands crawled up the hem, finding her hot and wet for me.
My willpower almost crumbled.

Right then, I knew I could not stay in the same state where she was, so I went home. Sonja didn’t know I was from Roslin City. And I intend to keep it that way. It had been three months since, and it had been pretty quiet on her end.

I miss her. I still dream of us now and then, the way she feels around me, her scent, and her moans. Too many times, I was tempted to call her so I could quelch this desire to have a taste of her again. It’s tough, but doing the right thing hasn’t been easy.

Even my best friends don’t know the reason that pushed me to go home, and I don’t plan to let them in on my f ucked up situation. It was over, anyway.
“No. Just helping out Dad.” I replied, shifting the topic to Matt’s students. He is the head football coach at our old high school.

His sullen mood lightened when he started talking about his students. Charlie nodded at me, grateful for my subtle tactics. He might not show it to Matt, but he’s been worried sick about him. Monique was his girlfriend for five years, and he worries that their split affected Matt more than he let on.

I see his point. My gaze started to wander around the party. Wondering what my life would have been if I stayed in Roslin City. Would Sonja and I ever cross paths again? Will I be as content as Luke and Charlie with their partners or as sullen as Matt over his failed relationship?

Breaking things off with Sonja was tough, but seeing Matt now, I wonder if I ever really loved Sonja like Matt loved Monique or just the idea of it
We were in the middle of talking about football stats when my eyes wandered toward the entry.

I saw a familiar face, doing a double take at the leggy blond whose eyes coast around the entire function hall as though she was analyzing everything.
“Is that Millicent Alejandro?” Matt murmured
Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who noticed her. In fact, most guys eyed her like a slice of meat for their taking.

Some were less subtle than most.
Luke blew a silent whistle as she crossed the dance floor. “Is that really Millie? Your stepsister’s nerd best friend?”
I knew her all too well. Since Dad married Candice’s mom and they moved into our mansion, Millicent comes over every weekend. But unlike these hungry wolves eyeing her toned legs in that thing I could hardly call a dress, I had already seen her almost naked a handful of times.

Millicent and Candice spend their Sunday morning in our pool every summer. She was different when she was around my stepsister. She’s more relaxed and carefree. At school, she’s an uptight nerd who doesn’t talk much. From what I recall, Candice was her only friend back then.
“Have any of you slept with her?” Matt asked, pulling my gaze from watching her converse with Madeline’s circle of friends.

Luke and Charlie shook their heads. It was an unspoken rule that we didn’t sleep with anyone who had already slept with one of us. It started when Luke and Matt dated Nikky from freshman year. That two-timing b itch almost caused the end of their friendship. But they realized the girl was not worth it and called a truce. They dumped her together.

“D” Matt turned to me.
I shook my head no, grimacing at the unsettling feeling in my gut. Millicent and I might not be friends. We spoke to each other a few times when she slept over at our mansion, but none of my friends knew that.

“Good,” Matt murmured. I could hear his mind gears working on how to make the first move. He needs to be quick, though. Predatory gaze lingered on her from all corners of the room. It kicked the urge in me to cover her with my suit jacket.

No one knew I busted a few noses back in high school for trash-talking Millicent. And f uck if I’d tell her. It confused me why I’ve always been protective of her. I was protective of my stepsister, too. For years. I thought that was the only reason. But the tightening of my pants as I drank her features tells me otherwise.

Matt tossed back his drink. He looked like a man on a mission hot paused when he saw Millicent walking in our direction.
Her steps were shaky, yet still regal and f ucking se xy as hell. She looked like a seductress eyeing her prey.

Her hair cascades in big waves down her back, touching the curve of her as s as she moves. Her tight black slip barely covered the swell of her a ss and breast. She swayed a bit, taking unsteady steps until she stood before me. She looked like the same Millicent from high school and not at the same time:

“Damian,” she slurred, halting between my legs. Thick-lashed dog eyes blinked up at me. “Millicent Matt raised his brows from the corner of my eyes, pinning me with an accusing gaze. But I was too confused an what was happening to even acknowledge him. Millicent leaned in and whispered in my ears. “I need a favor.”

“What?” My jaw fluttered. My entire body buzzed with need under her touch. “Act along. She skimmed her palms down my chest. And f uck, Iwant those hands to wander lower. Pure feminine scent enveloped me as she stood on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips against mine.

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