Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1563

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1563 – Begging For It Roxanne explained, “I told you before that this has nothing to do with him.

He doesn’t even know that I’m here today.” Tamping down the odd feeling surging within her, she tried her best to remain calm as she stared at the man
before her. “

Mr. Damaris, the reason why you’re doing this is to increase the share of profits for Damaris Group, right? But unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to agree to a fifty percent share.

Since that’s the case, why don’t we meet each other halfway?” Jack sneered. “For your sake, I hope it’s true that Mr. Farwell has no idea about our meeting today.

Otherwise, should he suddenly appear halfway through our conversation, I don’t think we’d have anything more to talk about.”

Not wanting to hear Lucian’s name coming out of Jack’s mouth again, she cut in, “Just tell me what the lowest share you can accept is, Mr. Damaris?”

Jack answered without hesitation, “As I have already mentioned a long time ago, even if Damaris Group does not take the lion’s share, the least would be a fifty-fifty share with the research institute.”

Showing no sign of relenting, Roxanne pressed on, “We can pay three times the price for the medicinal herbs provided by Damaris Group.

As for the sales channels, we can also find another company to cooperate with. This meant that our cooperation with Damaris Group is only in the initial phase.

What happens later is simply a pure trading relationship. So tell me, Mr. Damaris, why should I split the profits fifty-fifty with you?”

To that, Jack said, “Because right now, you’re the one who’s begging me.” He was certain that he was the one holding all the cards at the moment, and he reckoned Roxanne had no other choice but to oblige.

Roxanne stated, “Thirty percent. That’s the best we can do.” When Jack heard that, his expression darkened, and his tone was mixed with sarcasm when he said, “In that case, I don’t think there’s a need for us to talk today, Ms. Jarvis.”

The last time we met, she proposed that Damaris Group get a twenty-eight percent share of profits. That was why we ended our meal on a sour note.

And now, she has the gall to propose a mere two percent increase? If that’s the case, we could’ve just negotiated this on the phone.

Roxanne pursed her lips and kept silent, her eyes shining with a look of determination as if saying that it was impossible for them to give in anymore.

Time ticked by. When Jack realized Roxanne was not budging, his expression changed, and he critiqued, “That’s the best you can do?

Well then, I guess you don’t really take the lives of those patients seriously, huh?” Although Roxanne looked as calm as ever, her heart was actually lurching. In the end, she decided to take one final gamble.

“If you can’t accept this, then we have no choice but to change our medicinal herb supplier. To tell you the truth, the research institute has already found a supplier.

However, I still think that the medicinal herbs produced by Damaris Group are of higher quality when compared to other companies.

The reason why I’m still trying to negotiate a deal with you is so that the patients can buy better medicines for less money.”

What she was implying was that if Jack refused to take the deal, the research institute would have to turn to another company that would take it.

A look of bafflement flitted across Jack’s eyes. The quality requirements for this kind of medicine are very strict, so how is it possible for Roxanne to have
found another supplier already?

Hmm… But now that I think about it, Lucian was also present during our previous negotiation. Although Farwell Group has never dabbled in the field of medicine, they are not without connections in this area.

If Lucian offered his help, it is not impossible for the research institute to find another supplier in a short time.

With that thought in mind, the look in Jack’s eyes turned solemn, but he was quick to hide it. Just like that, the two of them were in a stalemate as they kept their silence to see who would yield first.

Time passed, and Jack was the first to lose his patience. He muttered, “Since your resolve is firm, and the medicine is also of great importance to Damaris Group, let’s each take a step back.

Damaris Group will take forty percent while the research institute will take sixty percent of the share of profits.”

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