Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1562

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1562 – A Changed Man It didn’t take long for Jack to send Roxanne the address of the meeting place.

She took a glance at the message and noticed that the place he had chosen was the cafe where they had a fight previously.

I guess he’s trying to use the chance to humiliate me, huh? If this had happened in the past, Roxanne would have rejected to meet with him without hesitation.

However, since she was at her wit’s end, she could only make the appointment on time. When she arrived, Jack was already seated in the cafe, casually fiddling with the aroma lamp at the side.

He showed no response even when he saw Roxanne enter the cafe. Roxanne lowered her eyes and greeted him, “Mr. Damaris.”

Looking as if he had just noticed her, Jack turned his head and flashed her a polite smile. “Ms. Jarvis, you’re here. I didn’t notice you. Come, have a seat.”

Roxanne gave a slight nod before sitting down beside Jack calmly, only to see him still messing about with the aroma lamp nonchalantly.

Sensing her gaze, Jack explained in a low voice, “The fragrance in the lamp has a calming effect. In order to avoid getting into a fight with you like last time, I’m trying to make it burn faster.”

His confident tone made it seem as if the aroma lamp would really have an effect. Roxanne retracted her gaze and pursed her lips.

Smiling, she said, “If you have the same goal as me, Mr. Damaris, we would naturally not quarrel.”

Jack fiddled with the aroma lamp for a while more before finally stopping when he was satisfied. Turning to look at Roxanne, he asked, “Oh?

Roxanne answered seriously, “The original purpose of developing this medicine focuses on the patients’ benefits and is aimed to reduce the burden on patients.”

Acting as though he had heard a joke, Jack snickered. “In that case, why would you care so much about the profit share, then?

Isn’t it good enough for you to have the medicine on the market?” Jack thought that Roxanne would say something to refute him, but unexpectedly, the woman simply nodded in agreement before saying, “Well, that’s what I thought at first.

As long as the medicine can be successfully listed, I don’t care if all the profits go to you.” At that, Jack frowned lightly while a flash of surprise flitted across his eyes.

Roxanne continued, “That being said, it was all thanks to you that I realized that as the person in charge of the research institute, I am not only a doctor, but I am also responsible for the lives of the employees.

Mr. Damaris, I’m sure you’re aware of just how hard the research and development process for the medicine is this time.

If the research institute failed to rake in any profits, I’m afraid the employees will be very disappointed in me. It will be difficult for the research institute to retain its employees in the long run.”

This was the warning that Jack gave her during their last meal together. It was also something Lucian had taught her over time.

I have to protect the interests of not only the patients but also the employees. Hearing her reason, Jack burst out chuckling while nodding his head.

lapping his hands, he started, “Your words ring true, Ms. Jarvis, but what you just said must have been taught to you by Mr. Farwell, right?”

Seeing the disdain glinting in his eyes and the contemptuous expression on his face, Roxanne felt her heart go cold.

She recalled the time when she first met Jack at the medical consultation. Her impression of the man was that he was a very qualified heir to a prestigious family of traditional medicine. She felt that he was gentle,

courteous, and an all-around gentleman. When everyone doubted me, Jack was the one who stood up for me and chose to believe me.

But now, it seems like he has changed into a different man. He’s ignoring the patient’s lives for the sake of profit.

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