Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1561

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1561 – Being Too Kind To You Roxanne knitted her brows upon noticing the severity of the situation.

She no longer appeared as relaxed as she did yesterday. The research institute can’t sit here and do nothing. Patients can’t afford to wait any longer.
“I’m going to the research institute now.” She got up and went upstairs to change her clothes.

Lucian decided to keep mum as he knew it was impossible to stop her. When she came downstairs, he said, “I’ll not go with you this time. I’ve explained the situation clearly, so you should know how to negotiate with him.”

Roxanne appreciated Lucian’s trust in her abilities. She responded with a grin. “Okay. I’ll look into it myself.”

Lucian nodded and added, “Call me if you need my help.” Roxanne hummed in acknowledgment before leaving the mansion.

Upon her arrival at the research institute, Roxanne spotted Linda anxiously waiting outside her office with her face filled with distress.

As soon as Linda saw Roxanne, she greeted her with eagerness, as if the savior had arrived. “Dr. Jarvis, what are we going to do now?

The factory has been calling to inquire.” The factory was ready for production, and they were just waiting for their registration qualifications and the
necessary medicinal herbs. However, they had received neither of them, leaving the project hanging.

Roxanne comforted her with a smile. “I’ll talk to Mr. Damaris now. Don’t worry.” Linda nodded and stepped aside.

After walking into her office, Roxanne’s expression slightly darkened. She then picked up the office phone and gave Jack a call.

Jack deliberately took his time answering the call. “Ms. Jarvis, what’s the matter?” Roxanne said calmly, “Please let me know when you’re available, Mr. Damaris. I wish to talk to you.”

Upon hearing her address him as Mr. Damaris, his face darkened, and his tone became increasingly cold and sarcastic. “What else is there to discuss between us, Ms. Jarvis?

Didn’t we already make it clear during our last meeting? There are only two options availble for Damaris Group and the research institute—either
terminate the collaboration or increase Damaris Group’s share.”

Roxanne lowered her eyes. “You’re just pressuring me to accept the second option, Mr. Damaris.” As soon as she finished speaking, she heard Jack snort coldly. “You reap what you sow, Ms. Jarvis.

I wanted to have a heart-to-heart with you and reach a middle ground on the matter, but it seemed you’d decided to follow Mr. Farwell’s lead. While he might be a sharp businessman, he’s a fish out of water in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Roxanne’s expression changed, revealing a flicker of aversion towards Jack. “Let’s not drag anyone else into the discussion, Mr. Damaris.

This is between you and me,” Roxanne said, attempting to divert to another topic. “May I know when it would be convenient for you to discuss the matter?” Jack retorted, “Oh? Did Mr. Farwell come up with another brilliant idea?”

Roxanne pursed her lips before responding, “No one else is involved in this. It’ll just be the two of us. I’m sure you’re aware that the ones who will bear the brunt of the postponement of the product lunch are the patients who rely on it.”

Jack finally agreed after hearing it would be just the two of them. “You’re right, Ms. Jarvis. I don’t want the patients to suffer. Let’s meet at noon today!”
“Very well, I’ll come and meet you,” Roxanne replied.

Jack let out a baffling chuckle. “Of course. By right, you should have come to me the last time too. I’ve been too kind to you.”
This statement unequivocally restored the two to their status as business partners. Nevertheless, Jack pulled an attitude and sounded condescending.

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