Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1560

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1560 – Unavoidable Responsibility Roxanne allowed herself only a day of rest at home.

The following day, Lucian tried to persuade her to stay home, but she was hesitant. When she was about to give in, she received a call from Linda.

“Dr. Jarvis, we have encountered some problems with Damaris Group. We might need your help to resolve them.”

Linda sounded serious. Roxanne’s expression, too, darkened. “What happened?” She could tell Jack might have lost his patience and thrown a fit.

Initially, she had intended to follow Lucian’s advice and give Jack the cold shoulder for a couple more days before discussing the distribution of profits with him.

To her surprise, Jack’s patience has worn thin much quicker than anticipated. Roxanne somehow knew what Linda was about to tell her.

“The medicinal herbs we use to develop our drugs have run out. When we reached out to Damaris Group for a restock, they refused to provide us with the necessary materials.”

Linda, who did not participate in the negotiation between Roxanne and Jack, had no idea the two sides had parted on bad terms.

She was struck dumb when Damaris Group declined her request. That was why she immediately called Roxanne to ask for help after regaining her senses.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne’s expression darkened slightly. “Do we not have any medicinal herbs left?”

Linda responded, “We do have some, but it’s only sufficient for small-scale production. However, since we’ve finished the product registration, we’re preparing to start mass production.

Therefore, the limited quantity wepossess won’t be enough. Moreover, we’ve already invested a substantial amount of money into the production workshop, so it won’t be feasible for us to cover the costs in a short period of time.

The scarcity of medicinal herbs will significantly impact our production, resulting in substantial losses to our business.”

In other words, they must get their hands on the medicinal herbs as soon as possible. Once again, Roxanne’s expression darkened.

After pondering for a while, she said, “Got it. I’ll figure it out. As for the registration, find a way to delay the process while I try my best to solve the problem.”

Not knowing what had happened between then, Linda did what she was instructed. Upon ending the call, a look of worry washed over Roxanne’s face.

The heated argument she had with Jack last time had created a difficult situation that needed to be resolved.

It was a problem worth contemplating, but time was not on her side. “What kind of trick is Jack up to now?” Lucian was on the side listening to her phone call, and he vaguely heard that the problem was related to Damaris Group.

It seems they had stopped supplying medicinal herbs to the research institute.

As soon as she heard his voice, Roxanne felt a sense of calm wash over her. She proceeded to share her thoughts with him and the unexpected situation.

I’m afraid Damaris Group has had it up to here with us.” Lucian arched his eyebrows and embraced Roxanne to comfort her while analyzing the current situation in a deep voice.

“Jack wants the money, but more importantly, he wants to get hold of the patent for this batch of medicine. Damaris Group is known for its medicines, so patents, to them, are more appealing than money.”

Roxanne nodded in agreement. “But I don’t understand why he does this to us. Isn’t he afraid of damaging Damaris Group’s reputation?”

The news of the medicine’s launch had spread like wildfire, and countless patients were eagerly waiting for it, hoping it would be a lifesaver.

However, Jack’s selfishness caused a delay in the launch. If the public learned about this, it would deal a blow to Damaris Group’s reputation, as they had always claimed to be in the business of doing well by doing good.

ucian’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a hint of indifference in his eyes, he uttered, “That’s just how Jack is.

He’s using this to pressure you into taking a stand. If the product’s release is delayed, it could result in negative public opinion.

And this will reflect badly on the product, and your research institute will be held accountable for it.”

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