Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1559

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1559 – Wish Life Can Be Thus Every Day Roxanne listened to Lucian’s explanation intently.

Then, Lucian added, “All you need to do is stay firm on Jack’s bottom line, then raise the percentage of the profits bit by bit. If he really wants the profits, he’ll definitely capitulate.”

After hearing that, Roxanne nodded in understanding. “I get it now.” Lucian arched a brow. “As expected of the mistress of the Farwell family.

You’re smart indeed.” At his teasing, Roxanne feigned irritation and snapped her head back to order Catalina to help get the guest room ready.

Alas, Catalina was nowhere to be seen. “Who are you looking for?” Lucian sounded as though he had seen through her entirely.

“Where’s Catalina?” Roxanne huffed. Sure enough, Lucian had anticipated that reply from her.

He regarded her in amusement. “Why would she be here when this is our time alone?” Having said that, he increased the pressure of his massage.

“Or do you want her to witness how I serve you?” At his quip, Roxanne blushed bright red and lifted her hands to slap his away.

Aware of her intentions, Lucian apologized with a chuckle. “Okay, I’m sorry. I dismissed her because I knew that you’re shy.”

Only then did Roxanne’s expression ease. Thereafter, Lucian questioned meaningfully, “I’m a pretty good advisor, huh?

Are you not planning on thanking me when I taught you so much earlier?” Roxanne promptly stilled imperceptibly.

The instant she raised her eyes, she noticed that he was staring at her fixedly, his gaze blatantly roving over her lips.

Cottoning on to his intimation, she put down her fork in feigned calmness and asked in return, “Wasn’t that what I deserved? I’d even passed out last night.”

At the mention of the events last night, Lucian tactfully put his bluster away. Smiling, he agreed, “Indeed, it was what I owed you. I misspoke again.

But you’re worn out today. The matter with Jack can still be put off for a while. Just rest at home for a day if there’s nothing important.”

While speaking, he glanced at her waist worriedly. His scrutiny made her both mortified and galled. Her waist truly ached, so she had no choice but to relent and rest at home first.

Nonetheless, she felt bad at the thought of the employees at the research institute.

“Don’t you have to go to work?” she queried in bemusement, her gaze fixated on the man in front of her.

“Not today. I’m staying home to take care of you.” Seeing that she had finished eating, Lucian leaned over and scooped her up.

He headed upstairs right away. Since Roxanne knew that her strength was no match for his and all struggles would be futile, she allowed him to do as he pleased.

He carried her all the way upstairs and placed her down carefully. Whirling around, he got her a ton of snacks and placed them at the head of the bed.

On top of that, he thoughtfully poured her a glass of water. Just when she thought he would go to the study to handle work matters, he flipped open the covers and snuggled in before reaching out and pulling her into his arms.

“Is it really fine that you’re not going into the office? And you don’t even need to settle some work matters online?” Roxanne was still a touch anxious.

However, Lucian merely hugged her and kissed the side of her neck. “Today, no work is as important as you.

Back then, I’d already tired you out the whole night, and you even had to wake early to go to work. That was my mistake. I’m not going to repeat it again this time.”

Recalling her feelings when she woke up alone that morning, Roxanne contrasted that with the bliss of the man’s warm embrace then.

Gradually, a smile bloomed on her face. “How I wish life can be thus every day.” The sensation of a soft body in his arms had Lucian uncontrollably tighten his arms around her.

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