Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 156

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 156 – Asserting Dominance Over Roxanne

Aubree only came out of the fitting room after quite a while. “Not bad. This is the one.” Sonya nodded in satisfaction when she saw her outfit.
After flashing a smile, Aubree turned around to look at Lucian. “You’re here, Lucian!” Lucian merely nodded expressionlessly.

Aubree pretended like she didn’t mind his aloofness. With a smile, she said, “Mrs. Farwell invited me along to get my outfit done.
What do you think of my outfit? Isn’t it nice?” With that, she twirled to show her outfit.

Lucian wasn’t pleased with the fact that Sonya had set him up. When he heard that, he responded with a cursory nod and answered, “Yes.”
Aubree was slightly embarrassed when she saw how cold Lucian’s attitude was. However, she maintained a smile on her face.

Sonya finally stood up and said, “Since Aubree is also going to the Queen residence, she should just ride with us.” Aubree smiled.
“Thank you, Mrs. Farwell!” After thanking Sonya, Aubree glanced at Lucian sheepishly.

Lucian furrowed his brows and uttered, “Let’s go.” Since Sonya had already said so, he couldn’t have said no even if he wanted to.
With that, he turned around and left without sparing Aubree a glance. Seeing that, Aubree lowered her gaze aggrievedly.

Sonya comforted her by patting her arm, signaling her to not mind him. Aubree nodded obediently and wrapped her arm around Sonya’s arm affectionately before walking out with her. In the car, Lucian kept silent throughout the entire journey and didn’t bother to conceal his cold attitude.

In fact, he would only respond whenever Sonya asked him something. Aubree could only clench her fists under her dress to vent her frustration.
I must assert my dominance over Roxanne later.

In the Queen residence, Alfred could only stay on his feet to exchange pleasantries with the guests for a while before his body gave in. Jonathan then brought him a wheelchair so that he could continue meeting the other guests.

Roxanne thought she could excuse herself after greeting Alfred. Alfred, however, had a different idea. He told her to stay by his side.
“Since you’re also going to interact with the guests, let me make it easier by introducing you to them.”

Jonathan wanted her to stick around as well. Roxanne had no choice but to stay by Alfred’s side.
She then followed him around to greet all the guests one by one. Soon, Jonathan’s parents showed up.

“Are you Dr. Jarvis? Finally, we’ve met! Jonathan and Frieda had told me about how you’ve cured Old Mr. Queen. Not only do you have superb medical skills, but you’re stunningly beautiful as well, Dr. Jarvis,” praised Henrietta Chance, Jonathan’s mother, with a smile.

Roxanne smiled and thanked her politely. Jonathan’s father, Zachary Queen, also thanked Roxanne. “All these years, we’ve looked for countless doctors to treat my father’s illness. Unlike you, none of them could treat him. Thank you.

From now on, don’t hesitate to ask the Queen family for help whenever you need us.” Hearing that, Roxanne wanted to deny the gesture courteously, but Alfred chimed in, “Of course! Dr. Jarvis would still need to keep my health in check in the future.”

Roxanne fell silent and smiled with her pursed lips. Frieda wasn’t happy when she heard how her parents were complimenting Roxanne. She then scanned the surroundings to look for Lucian and Aubree. When she realized neither of them was there yet, she glanced at the entrance in anticipation.

Let’s see if that woman could still smile when she sees Lucian showing up alongside Aubree! Frieda didn’t need to wait long, though.
A few minutes later, Lucian showed up at the entrance of the mansion. “Lucian is here!” Frieda exclaimed to get everyone’s attention.

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