Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 155

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 155 – On Purpose

Prior to the birthday banquet, Roxanne had given the last round of treatment to Alfred. Although he couldn’t stay on his feet for too long, he was in better spirits, and he could even get out of bed and move around.

Roxanne had also given him medications and told him to take them on time. After that, the treatment was complete.
On the day of the birthday banquet, Roxanne went home to dress up after she finished her work at the research institute.

After putting on a dress and tying up her hair, she put on simple yet elegant makeup before going to the banquet.
When she arrived at the Queen residence, the banquet was just about to start.

There were plenty of luxury cars parked outside, and the residence was packed with guests, all of whom were prominent figures in Harington.
Since Roxanne had stayed in Harington before that, she knew most of the people there. However, very few of them knew who she was.

Yet, she was the center of attention when she showed up at the venue. When the crowd saw her, they were all in awe.
With her long hair tied up behind, she was flaunting her fair and slender neck.

Besides, the crowd could clearly see her exquisite facial features, although she was just wearing a thin layer of makeup. When she smiled, her eyes were shining as bright as the stars in the sky. At the same time, her long and slender legs also charmed the crowd.

Instantly, everyone was making guesses about which family was she from. Roxanne glanced around and pretended like she didn’t notice the attention was on her. Since no one has come forward to greet me, it would be rude of me to engage someone in small talk on my own.

After mulling over it for a while, she decided to just go to a corner and chill on her own.
However, Jonathan called out to her when she had only taken a couple of steps, “Dr. Jarvis, you look amazing today.”

Indeed, whenever she was giving treatment to Alfred, she would always dress in a shirt and a pair of long pants. Besides, she never put on any makeup. Although one could still see her beautiful facial features, she had never looked as stunning as that day.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne halted in her tracks and nodded politely to express her gratitude. “Since you’re already here, don’t hide! My grandpa is waiting for you!” Jonathan could tell she was trying to shy away from the crowd, so he invited her to see Alfred.

Since the invitation was to see Alfred, Roxanne had no choice but to accept it. While enduring the weird stares from the crowd, she approached Alfred and greeted him. Alfred greeted her with an affectionate smile and exchanged pleasantries with her.

The crowd was intrigued when they saw the warm interaction between Roxanne and the Queen family. Meanwhile, Lucian had just left the office, and he was about to attend the banquet at the Queen residence. Suddenly, he received a call from Sonya.

Sonya asked, “Have you finished work? Could you come and fetch me? I’m getting my look done at Neon Boutique.”
Lucian agreed after checking the time.

Neon Boutique was a business owned by the Lane family, a family that was close to the Farwell family.
They specialized in making evening gowns and suits. It was a business that was passed down through generations.

Although their products were pricey, they were very popular among the high society in Harington. Everyone in the Lane family was involved in the fashion designing industry. Besides, they were all pioneers in their respective fields, even the younger generations.

Before every event, the Farwell family would always get their outfits done at Neon Boutique. Hence, Lucian was unfazed when Sonya told him she was at Neon Boutique. When Lucian arrived, the person in charge of Neon Boutique immediately went out to greet him.

By then, Sonya was ready. However, she remained seated when she saw Lucian walking in.
“Have a seat.” Lucian was confused. “Are you not done? It’s getting late.”

In response, Sonya raised her chin toward a fitting room. “Wait for Aubree.”Upon hearing that, Lucian immediately frowned.
She’s doing this on purpose, isn’t she?

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