Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 157

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 157 – As soon as those words fell, everyone in the Qucen residence turned toward the mansion’s entrance. Roxanne also did the same instinctively. Lucian was dressed in a tailored black suit.

The suit was so well-lined that it was showcasing the man’s toned figure. With most of his hair combed to the back, h is perfect lacial features were for everyone to see.

At the same time, those few stray strands of hair hanging down from his forehead prompted his gaze to appear even more icy-cold than they were. All in all, he looked cold and distant. Everyone’s gazes fell on him at once. Aubree appeared behind him wearing a black dress.

Her curly hair was hanging down on her chesi, and her red lips were exceptionally eye-catching. Al that moment, her arm was seen wrapping around Sonya’s affectionately as they followed Lucian from bchind.

With their matching outfits and the affectionate interaction between Aubree and Sonya, it was as if they were telling the world that Aubree was bound to
be the future daughter-in-law of the Farwell family. Upon seeing that scene, Frieda glanced at Roxanne from the corners of her eyes.

Sull, she was dissatisfied when she saw Roxanne’s unperturbed facial expression. Right then, she deliberately held her mother’s hand and exclaimed, “Wow! Lucian and Aubree look so great together!”

Henrietta didn’t know what they were up to, but she was aware of the close relationship between the Pearson family and the Farwell family. Besides,
Aubree was always seen together with Lucian. She nodded in agreement and ulstered, “It seems like they might get married soon.”

Roxanne’s expression changed slightly when she heard that. However, she quickly composed herself and lifted her head once again.
Jonathan was standing next to Roxanne when he remembered the conflict between her and edh at her.

He was surprised when he saw how calm she looked. Lucian wasn’t happy with the attention he had gotten from the crowd.
His gaze turned cold, and he walked straight toward the center of the birthday banquet.

He wanted to just greet Alfred before coming up with an excuse to separate from Aubree. Henrietta and Zachary were closely acquainted with the Farwell family. Hence, they went up to welcome the guests with a smile. “Hi! Welcome. This is…”

As they spoke, both of them glanced at Sonya. Sonya merely smiled in response. Next to her, Aubree seemed slightly shy when she greeted the elders politely. After that, she just listened as they chatted. As they were chatting, they were walking toward Alfred.

Roxanne panicked when she saw them approaching. She averted her gaze and wanted to just bid Alfred goodbye before leaving.
Just when she wanted to do that, some guests came up to her and greeted her. Roxanne had no choice but to exchange greetings with them.

I’ve missed the perfect opportunity to get out of here. Seconds later, Lucian and the others had arrived in front of her.
Roxanne kept her head hung low to make herself look as inconspicuous as possible.

First, she heard the man greet Alfred in a deep voice before hearing the latter respond joyfully. Right after that, she felt the man’s gaze fixate on her. Roxanne clenched her fists and raised her gaze to look at the man. When Alfred mentioned her to them, she politely nodded at them.

The whole time, Lucian couldn’t take his eyes off of her. When Henrietta and Zachary went up to greet him earlier on, Lucian had already noticed Roxanne’s presence. When he saw her standing next to Alfred, she looked elegant but slightly disinterested.

With the long white dress on, she looked as graceful as a swan. Although she didn’t put in much effort to dress up, she was still rather captivating.
On the other hand, she had been avoiding eye contact with him from the moment he showed up.

The more she avoided him, the more Lucian wanted to take a closer look at her facial expression. Sonya noticed her son was distracted, so she followed his line of sight. Her expression turned grim when her gaze landed on Roxanne.

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