Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1556

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1556 – We Want To Learn Everything “Let’s try on the clothes, Mommy!”

Noticing that her mother was in a bad mood, Estella tugged on Roxanne’s hand lightly. Roxanne glanced down at her.

Aware that her daughter wanted to divert her attention, she cooperatively nodded and went upstairs with the little girl.

Meanwhile, Archie and Benny started studying the various functions of their laptops. “What would you two like to learn? I don’t mind teaching you.”

Sitting down beside them, Lucian took the initiative to bond with them. Archie and Benny were just about to log into their respective accounts.

The instant they saw their father taking a seat by their side, they furtively stilled for fear of giving away their identities.

Archie put on an innocent expression. “What can you teach us, Daddy? We want to learn everything!”

Taking the boys’ age into consideration, Lucian pondered for a while. Alas, he couldn’t think of anything suitable for them to learn.

But in the face of their eager gazes, coupled with the fact that he was the one who proposed it, he could only bite the bullet and declare, “I’ll teach you some simple programming.”

Stealing a peek at his brother, Archie glimpsed the distinct reluctance in Benny’s eyes.

Undeniably, it was a veritable torture for a hacker ranked second in the world to begin learning from programming.

Unfortunately, Benny hadn’t any choice but to feign anticipation and bob his head hard to keep their identities under wraps. “Thank you, Daddy!”

Inwardly breathing a sigh of relief, Lucian snagged one of the laptops over and started downloading the corresponding software.

While he did that, Archie and Benny silently exchanged commiserating looks at the side. “Well? Is Essie pretty?”

Out of the blue, Roxanne’s voice drifted into their ears. Jolted out of their thoughts, Archie and Benny jerked their heads in the direction of the voice.

At once, they were greeted by the sight of Roxanne holding Estella’s hand, both of them wearing dresses of the same design.

Estella even had a pair of petite wings at her back and appeared adorable, just like an angel.

Roxanne, on the other hand, wore a blue maxi dress looking beautiful and elegant. Archie and Benny had long since been accustomed to their mother’s beauty.

Finding their sister cute and unenthused about learning simple programming from their father, they instantly leaped off the couch and sprinted over to Estella.

“Essie is as pretty as a picture! Did you also look the same when you were little, Mommy?” Curiosity was etched across Archie’s features.

With that simple utterance, he complimented both his mother and sister. “Essie is lovely! Are the wings retractable?”

Conversely, Benny studied the wings at Estella’s back inquisitively. Estella loved that design beyond words. As such, she swiftly hid behind Roxanne’s back upon seeing that her brother wanted to remove the wings.

However, Benny wasn’t willing to give up. In no time, all three children were embroiled in a game of tag.

Roxanne watched them play with a smile on her lips, tenderness written all over her face. “Ms. Estella, Mr. Archie, Mr. Benny, be careful…”

Soon, the children ran out of the mansion as they played. Worried, Catalina hurried after them. In a flash, the living room plunged into silence.

Only then did Roxanne notice the man sitting on the couch with a laptop in hand. “What are you doing?”

She strolled over in curiosity, totally oblivious to the dark look in his eyes. As Lucian sensed her approach, his Adam’s apple bobbed imperceptibly.

In a deep voice, he replied, “Archie and Benny are very smart. Computer skills can be cultivated from a young age, so I’m planning to teach them personally.”

With the man’s back to her, Roxanne didn’t notice his odd demeanor. She sprawled over the back of the couch and pinned her eyes on the laptop screen.

Just when she was about to speak, Lucian suddenly lifted his hand and slammed the lid of the laptop shut.

“What’s wrong?” She turned her head to him in puzzlement, but her lips were captured when she was mid-utterance.

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