Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1555

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1555 – Do Not Take Them To Heart “Why did you come out?”

Upon seeing that Lucian had followed her out, Sonya thought that he wanted to apologize to her. After all, it was truly ridiculous for him to give her the boot when she was his mother.

However, Lucian merely took the bag from her hand and placed it into the car for her. Then, he turned and regarded her in displeasure.

“I’ve told you that Roxanne is the wife I want. I hope you’ll respect her accordingly, if only for my sake. I believe she also wishes for harmony in this family from the depths of her heart.”

His blatantly censuring tone made Sonya so livid that her face flushed bright red. “You want me to respect her? Who’s going to respect me, then?

My son kicked me out of the house late at night because of her, yet I’ve still got to pander to her?” A frown marred Lucian’s countenance.

“You’ve been living perfectly fine at the Farwell main residence, but you’ve just got to come to the manor and interfere in our lives.

Besides, I merely suggested that you move back to the main residence. You were the one who chose to do so at this hour.”

In truth, he was very much surprised that his mother would move out of the manor in the middle of the night.

Little had he expected that she would even use it as a pretext to pick fault with Roxanne.

“How could you talk to me like this because of that woman?” Disbelief was written clearly in Sonya’s eyes.

At that, Lucian’s expression darkened further. “She has a name. Don’t refer to her in such a manner anymore henceforth. The same goes for the boys.”

Sonya gaped at her son before her, a myriad of emotions brewing in her eyes.

Over the years, he’d never treated me like this, not even when I forced him to fulfill the marriage agreement between him and Aubree.

Now that Roxanne is back, it’s as though he has turned into an entirely different person, not only does he have the guts to talk back against me but also admonishes me! Then, there’s Essie.

In the past, she was greatly attached to me. Now, however, she’s also clinging to that woman. Hah! I reckon that woman must have bespelled both my son and granddaughter that they’re perpetually taking her side!

As her thoughts went in that direction, her temper spiked. When she again recalled that Roxanne’s pile of branded clothes was all bought with the Farwell family’s money, distress and vexation swamped her.

“You should set off now since you’ve decided to leave tonight itself. It’s late.” After having made his stance clear, Lucian gentled his voice and opened the car door for her.

Sonya shot him a hard glare in fury but ultimately said nothing. Fine, I’ll put up with it today. But I’ll never allow that woman to marry into the Farwell family easily! “Drive safe,” Lucian said to the driver.

The driver murmured in acquiescence. Subsequently, he drove away slowly. Lucian watched until the car disappeared from his line of sight before whirling around and going back into the mansion.

Right then, Roxanne was sitting in the living room with the three children while Catalina explained the chain of events that day to her at the side.

Catalina had no idea what had happened either. As soon as Sonya returned that day, the woman clamored about going back to the Farwell main residence and ordered Catalina to have someone help pack her luggage.

It went without saying that Catalina dared not defy her. While helping to pack her luggage, she listened to her veiled slurs.

“Mrs. Farwell has left?” At the sight of Lucian coming back into the house, Roxanne put that question to him.

Dipping his head a fraction, Lucian waved a hand at Catalina in dismissal. The latter promptly grasped his meaning and left.

“I was the one who told my mother to go back. She dragged her feet for two days, so I thought she didn’t want to do so.

Never did I expect her to choose to leave at this hour. I’m sorry. Don’t take her words just now to heart. She was merely peeved that I didn’t allow her to continue living here.”

Lucian looked at Roxanne apologetically. Despite his words, Roxanne understood the meaning of Sonya’s remarks earlier all too well.

She forced a smile. “I know. I just hope she’s not mad at me.”

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