Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1557

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1557 – Never Believe Him Again The two of them had been apart for six years. After bumping into each other again, Roxanne had been averse to Lucian’s touch.

Since she had finally accepted him, Lucian naturally yearned to make up for the past six years all at once.

He initially planned on giving her two days to recover, but he hadn’t expected her to be so enthralling that day.

Both her seriousness when she negotiated with Jack and the expression of her love for him while shopping tested his restraint tremendously.

The moment he saw her wearing the dress he personally picked earlier, his control slipped further.

The kiss lasted for so long that Roxanne was close to suffocating. That aside, she was afraid Catalina and the children would return without warning.

Thus, she lifted her hands and shoved at him. It wasn’t until then that Lucian dropped his hand from the back of her head and brushed his fingers across her lips.

Clocking the intense love in his eyes, she inexorably recalled their passionate interlude the night before. Her heart immediately skipped a beat.

“Since Mr. and Mrs. Farwell have moved out, the guest room should be vacant today. I’ll go and change the sheets. I’ll take the guest room tonight!” she murmured guiltily.

After saying that, she spun around to make a run for it. Verily, I can’t stand his stamina anymore! Unexpectedly, Lucian stood up and scooped her up from behind in a bridal carry.

“Whoa!” Gasping in fright, Roxanne instinctively lifted her hands and wrapped them around his neck.

In a voice that left no room for argument, Lucian stated, “Ever since you moved into the Farwell residence, I’ve never thought of having you stay in the guest room.”

Hearing the truth from him at long last, Roxanne was embarrassed and irked. But still, she kept the children in mind and protested softly, “Put me down!

The kids will look for me when they come back in later!” Nonetheless, Lucian remained unmoved. “Catalina will look after them.

Back when you were away, she tookgreat care of them.” “I still need rest!” Roxanne’s voice turned into a mere whisper.

At that remark, hesitation crept into Lucian’s eyes. Consequently, a spark of hope rose within Roxanne.

In the next second, however, he started striding ahead as resolutely as ever. “I’ll be gentle.” Roxanne’s face visibly fell.

If it were anyone else, I’d really hit him where it hurts. But then, this is Lucian… Early the next morning, Roxanne’s waist was horribly sore when she woke

“You’re awake?” All of a sudden, Lucian’s slightly hoarse voice sounded beside her ear.

Roxanne was stunned for a few seconds before raising her eyes and casting her gaze over. At the sight of the indulgent smile on the man’s face, defiance blazed in her eyes.

Perceiving her resentment toward him, Lucian stretched his hands out and massaged her waist spontaneously. “I stopped when you fell asleep last night.

Following that comment, Roxanne’s brows furrowed, and she sounded incredulous. “I passed out last night?”

Right after that, her face flushed bright red. She furiously rolled over, loathed to face the man beside her anymore.

Last night, I only passed out because he put me through the wringer. Yet, he’s feigning concern here! How hypocritical of him!

Lucian turned sullen. “It never crossed my mind that you’d be so tired. I’ll definitely be more careful next time and allow you enough rest.

I’ll never again—” Enduring the pain at her waist, Roxanne sat up from the bed. In a weak voice, she interrupted, “There’s no next time!

I want to sleep in the guest room!” I’ll never believe him again, especially when we’re in bed!

Having finally had a taste of her, Lucian wouldn’t possibly allow her to escape him. But at the thought that he had indeed gone a tad too far last night, he could only relent smilingly.

“All right. You take the master bedroom while I take the guest room, okay? Quick, lie down and rest for a bit. I’ll drive the kids to kindergarten.

I’ll be back before you know it.” After he had said that, he carefully helped her lie back down. Then, he got up and took a shower.

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