Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1554

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1554 – Glad That You Know Lucian met Roxanne’s gaze calmly. An accusatory look danced past his eyes, almost like he wanted to tell on her.

Roxanne retracted her gaze in annoyance and leaned over to carry Estella up. “Come on. I’ll bring you upstairs to try on the dresses.”

Estella reached out and held onto Roxanne tightly. Just as the two turned and strode toward the stairs, a commotion resounded from upstairs.

“You guys better be careful. Don’t break or drop anything.” Sonya’s slightly displeased voice rang in everyone’s ears.

Puzzled, Roxanne lifted her gaze, only to find several housekeepers moving many bags down under Catalina’s instructions while Sonya followed behind, with displeasure written all over her face.

When Sonya saw Lucian, Roxanne, and the kids downstairs, her expression darkened even more.

Roxanne carefully put Estella back on the couch, then whipped her head around to look at Lucian with a questioning look, seemingly asking him what the situation was about.

Lucian shifted his gaze onto Sonya and asked, “Mom, why are you moving back at such a late time? Can’t you move back tomorrow?”

Sonya responded with a cold snort. “I bet you can’t wait for me to move out! I’m just an eyesore to all of you here!”

After saying all that, she swept her gaze across the bags of gifts on the couch. As she spotted several bags with familiar brand packaging, she immediately shot Roxanne a ferocious glare.

All these are new clothing! Lucian must’ve paid for everything! This woman bears to let my son fork out so much money when they aren’t even married.

Wouldn’t things only become worse in the future? 5 Sonya’s burning gaze was so intense Roxanne could sense it, but her voice stuck in her throat.

Fortunately, Lucian stood up for her and explained, “Roxanne bought me many clothes. I’m gifting her a few pieces in return.”

A tinge of guilt rose within Roxanne when she heard the man’s explanation. I only bought him the shirt that he’s wearing right now.

How did he make it sound like I’ve bought him everything here? Of course, Sonya did not believe her son’s words, but she did not say more and merely let out a derisive snort as she did not want to waste her breath arguing with him.

“It’s not like I’ve followed behind the two of you. How will I know who fork out money to buy all this stuff?

You two can say whatever pleases you, isn’t it?” Finishing her sentence, she returned her gaze to the housekeepers and ordered, “Hurry up.

You all will hold up Mr. and Mrs. Farwell’s rest time if this drags on any longer.”

As much as Sonya had used “Mrs. Farwell” to address her, Roxanne could tell that the former was merely trying to be sarcastic.

At the same time, she was also attributing her moving out to Roxanne. As that realization dawned upon Roxanne, her expression changed drastically.

Then again, considering that Sonya was about to move out, she did not make a scene and instead went up to Sonya and attempted to grab the bag from her.

“Mrs. Farwell, let me carry it for you.” Sonya avoided her hand in exaggeration. “How will I dare trouble you to do something like this?

Lucian will probably throw me out of the Farwell main residence if I were to do that.” Roxanne’s body stiffened almost instantly.

Sensing Sonya’s hostility, the three kids quickly rushed to Roxanne to protect her. Sonya threw a quick look at Estella and snickered coldly.

“Estella doesn’t even acknowledge me as her grandmother now. I wonder if I still have a say in this household!”

Unable to hold it in anymore, Roxanne said, “Don’t say that, Mrs. Farwell. As long as I haven’t gotten your approval, I will remain an outsider to the Farwell family.

So, there’s no doubt you have the final say in this household. If there is anyone who doesn’t have a say here, that person will definitely be me.”

“Glad you know that! Don’t you dare assume I’m leaving because I’m afraid of you!” Roxanne pursed her lips without saying another word.

With his brows tightly scrunched together, Lucian went up to pat her shoulders affectionately before following Sonya out.

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