Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1553

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1553 – Did Daddy Take Care Of You Roxanne was merely annoyed while watching the film earlier.

Now that they exited the movie theater, she thought she was blowing things out of proportion earlier.

“No, it’s just that my occupational disease is acting up. It’s good enough that the plot of the movie was welldefined.

There’s no need to dwell on such minor details.” Lucian, however, still seemed a little apologetic. “I thought you’d like such genres.

I’ll change to something else next time.” As if a sudden thought popped into her head, Roxanne teased, “Then let’s watch something related to trade
wars next time. I look forward to Mr. Farwell giving me a lesson too.”

Lucian’s eyes darkened upon seeing how she had taken the initiative to joke with him. Without hesitation, he agreed, “Sure.

I’ll accompany you as long as you want.” His decisiveness left Roxanne feeling somewhat guilty. “Well, forget it.

Once is enough for such an unpleasant experience. Let’s change to something unrelated to our profession next time…”

At that, Lucian lifted his gaze and glanced at her through the rearview mirror. As their eyes met, they shared a smile.

It was already nine at night when they arrived back at the manor. The two headed inside the mansion with multiple bags in their hands.

Meanwhile, the three kids, who had been home since Cayden sent them back earlier, had their minds focused on their gifts and waited patiently for the entire night.

The moment Lucian and Roxanne stepped into the house, the kids flocked toward them excitedly. “Daddy! Mommy!”

With Lucian carrying almost all of the bags, Roxanne, with her empty hands, bent down and rubbed the kids’ heads adoringly with a smile.

“Have you all been good at home? Did you all listen to Ms. Catalina?” The kids exclaimed in unison, “Of course, we are! We even helped Ms. Catalina prepare meals!”

The smile on Roxanne’s face grew wider when she heard those words. “Mommy, where are the presents for us?”

Benny stared at Roxanne expectantly, to which she lifted her head and directed her gaze toward Lucian. In response, he gave Benny’s chubby cheeks a pinch before he gestured with his chin and remarked,

“They’re on the couch. Go and open them yourselves.” Sounds of cheers erupted among the three kids, and they scampered toward the couch at once.

Within seconds, the stuff on the couch turned into a mess because of the kids’ rummaging. Roxanne had no choice but to go over and help them out.

“Yay! It’s the latest Apple!” Benny’s eyes were sparkling as he shared his joy with Archie enthusiastically. At that point, Archie had also found his present.

It was the same as Benny’s but in a different color. Like Benny, Archie was also immensely thrilled. Not forgetting to express his gratitude, he turned behind to look at Lucian and said, “Thank you, Daddy and Mommy!”

Lucian nodded lightly. “I’m glad that you all like it.” “Wow! So many dresses! I love them!” Estella’s soft and adorable voice rang out from one side.

With an eyebrow quirked, Lucian looked at Estella and said, “Mommy specially picked them for you.”

Estella endearingly wrapped her arms around Roxanne’s neck and planted her lips on the latter’s cheek. “Thank you, Mommy! I love Mommy the most!”

Estella’s sweet and lovely behavior instantly made Roxanne’s heart melt into mush. “I love you too, Essie.”

“Mommy, did Daddy take good care of you today?” Estella asked with a straight face, almost as though she was ready to reprimand Lucian right away if Roxanne gave no as her answer.

To that, Roxanne and Lucian exchanged glances. The man was undoubtedly amused. This little girl is now trying to poke her nose in my matters, huh?

Nonetheless, after thinking carefully about it, Lucian figured that Estella was on Roxanne’s side and ultimately did not say anything. Instead, he even put on a cooperative posture.

“He has been taking great care of me.” The imposing presence of the father and daughter duo left Roxanne torn between amusement and exasperation. Without a choice, she could only coax Estella first while she reproachfully glared at Lucian.

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