Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1541

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1541 – Demand Roxanne subconsciously glanced at Lucian. He nodded at her.

She completely relaxed after receiving his affirmation. Then, she shared the result of their initial discussion earlier.

“This is my two cents. Damaris Group provided us with the medicinal herbs and distribution channel for this collaboration.

However, technology-wise, the credits belong almost entirely to the research institute. I can even say that the research institute is the real owner of this core technology in developing this new medicine.

For this reason and considering our experiences working together with other groups, the profit should be divided into a twenty-eighty split.

Our research institute will take the larger portion of the earnings.” She was the person in charge of the research institute, after all.

Although Roxanne wasn’t sufficiently familiar with that aspect, she still commanded an extraordinary presence.

A hint of admiration glinted in Lucian’s eyes as he listened to her speech and took in her serious demeanor.

On the other hand, Jack thought his ears were playing tricks on him. He forced himself to keep up his elegant facade. “

Excuse me. I didn’t hear you clearly. Ms. Jarvis, you were saying—” She reiterated calmly, “The research institute will take eighty percent of the profit from the sales of this medicine while Damaris Group owns the remaining twenty percent.”

Jack couldn’t help but chuckle. “Are you kidding me, Ms. Jarvis? Is that all the profit you’re willing to share with us after Damaris Group contributed so much to this project?”

Roxanne’s eyes shone with determination. “The Damaris family is a century-old prestigious family in the traditional medicine business, so you must be well aware of the rules in the pharmaceutical field.

In fact, coming up with the core technology is the most important part of medical research and development.

In the context of contribution, I’m confident our research institute poured in much more effort than Damaris Group.”

Jack turned to glance at Lucian and swiftly wrapped his mind around the situation. Evidently, that was the result of their discussion earlier. “

You’re such a humorous person, Ms. Jarvis. I came up with the idea in the first place. Besides, Damaris Group had been providing the medicinal herbs used by the research institution for free.

Now that you’ve invented the medicine, you’re turning your back on us, letting us take only a small part of the profit.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid Damaris Group will have to cease this collaboration with you.” His face darkened, and his tone was filled with the indifference of a businessman. Jack’s reaction was within their anticipation.

Roxanne spoke in a gentler manner after sensing his fury. “Naturally, Damaris Group’s cooperation is crucial in the success of inventing this medicine.

If you aren’t satisfied with my initial offer, I can proffer you another five percent, totaling Damaris Group’s profit margin to twenty-five percent.

That is the maximum extent of my sincerity.” He sneered out loud. “Aren’t you generous, Ms. Jarvis, offering me another five percent without hesitation?

Do you think I’ll agree to this?” She replied, “There’s nothing I can do if you aren’t willing to accept the deal.

I will compensate Damaris Group with three times the market price for all the medicinal herbs you have provided the research institute. As for the distribution channel, I’ll figure out an alternative.” She was implying her readiness to end their collaboration as Jack had suggested.

Jack laughed in exasperation. “There isn’t any price on the market that can match the demand for the Damaris family’s medicinal herbs, as the herbs are only available for the Damaris family’s internal use.

I think you’re oversimplifying this matter, Ms. Jarvis.” Roxanne frowned. “In that case, you can proffer a price you think is fair, and I’ll accept it without any objection.”

She felt a little uneasy after saying that, as Jack might very likely make a significant demand on the division of profit following her statement.

“I think you haven’t gotten a clear picture of the circumstances, Mr. Damaris,” Lucian piped up. At the same time, he slightly leaned his body in Roxanne and Jack’s direction while shifting his cold gaze onto Jack

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