Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1542

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1542 – Nothing Left To Discuss “Roxanne is equipped with the technology, while the medicinal herbs provided by the Damaris family were only used to produce one batch of medicine.

If you aren’t satisfied with the profit division, that’s fine. The financial gain from this batch of medicine manufactured using the medicinal herbs contributed by the Damaris family can be split according to your wish.

Still, the research institute also has the right to only sign the contract with you for this batch of medicine only.” At that point, Lucian talked slower. “

And that means after this batch of medicines is completely sold, Roxanne can still look for another medicinal herbs supplier to collaborate with her because she has the manufacturing technology.

But what about Damaris Group? Are you able to find another research institute that can produce this medicine?” His words blatantly expressed the research institute’s dominance in that deal with Damaris Group.

In short, Damaris Group wasn’t Roxanne’s only choice. In comparison, Damaris Group could only rely on Roxanne to produce the medicine.

Hence, the research institute should’ve been the leading party in that cooperation from the beginning.

As for Damaris Group, it became Jack’s decision whether to choose a long-term, steady yield or a high amount of short-term profit.

Jack didn’t expect Lucian to make that move. He met the latter’s eyes impassively while speaking to Roxanne.

“Ms. Jarvis, are you sure you wish to discuss the terms of this collaboration with Damaris Group on a pure business paradigm? In your opinion, is Damaris Group just an existence you can toss aside after you achieve your goal?”

She glanced at Lucian and he nodded at her. Subsequently, Roxanne braced herself and pursed her lips in silence, considering that a response to Jack’s question.

Lucian uttered righteously, “There are no friends when doing business. You should understand that concept better than Roxanne, Mr. Damaris.

Profit division has always been the most crucial and demanding battle in the business field. Aren’t you attempting to appeal to Roxanne’s emotions with friendship and unscrupulously forcing her to concede now?”

Jack’s negotiating skills were significantly inferior to Lucian’s. As a result, Jack’s face became contorted in anger.

A long silence later, he said stiffly, “I cannot accept this profit division arrangement!” Lucian chimed in, “Perhaps I should let you see the profit division arrangement used by Farwell Group when we are in control of the technological aspect of a deal.

Maybe you’ll feel contented with the current offer after seeing the numbers.” In other words, if Lucian were to take charge of the profit division matter entirely, the Damaris family’s financial gain would only be reduced further.

The friendly facade on Jack’s countenance completely dissipated as he stared at them grimly.

“If you can accept my offer, we’ll sign the agreement now. If you aren’t, our research institute is willing to hire a professional third party to evaluate Damaris Group’s contributions in the early phase and compensate you at ten times the price.”

Roxanne nudged the agreement toward him. Without taking one look at the contract, Jack tore it in half and tossed it back on the table.

Roxanne was taken aback by his reaction. In the past, Jack had always shown his gentlemanly side to her. Not to mention, he was the heir to a prestigious family in the traditional medicine business, so she was under the assumption he would prioritize keeping up a polite and gentle appearance.

Little did she anticipate he would do something as impulsive as that. The atmosphere inside the office abruptly turned tense.

Jack said, “If I remember correctly, we agreed to share the patent and split the profit equally when we first decided to work together on this project.

Now that you’re casually altering the terms, I don’t think there is room for further discussion.” Roxanne replied with a frown, “You’ve also mentioned you would allow me access to medical books as a reference. I agreed to share the patent because of that.

However, I didn’t see any related medical book from you, and I ended up inventing this technology on my own. Naturally, I have no reason to share the
patent with you.”

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