Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1540

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1540 – Loyal Since he would be joining her in meeting Jack tomorrow, Lucian didn’t bother asking her too much about it.

The two then went to bed in each other’s arms. Roxanne felt it was a little inappropriate at first, but felt it was nothing compared to what they did yesterday night. With that in mind, she lay obediently in his arms and fell asleep shortly after.

The two of them got up early the next morning, and Lucian drove her to the research institute. While waiting for Jack to show up, they went through the terms of the contract together.

With Lucian’s guidance, Roxanne was able to be more confident about the details of the contract.

Jack arrived at Roxanne’s office at around nine in the morning. The look on his face turned gloomy when he saw Roxanne sitting on a single-cushion couch while Lucian sat on a longer one next to hers.

Lucian was in a relaxed posture and seemed to be discussing something with Roxanne.

Although the two of them were sitting on separate couches, their interactions looked very intimate.

“Hello, Mr. Damaris,” Roxanne greeted him with a smile when she noticed him standing there. With Lucian around, she was able to relax and interact with Jack more naturally.

After taking a second to regain his composure, Jack flashed her a smile before shifting his gaze toward Lucian.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Farwell. I didn’t know you would be here too. Ms. Jarvis and I have some business to discuss, though.

If possible, could you perhaps—” Jack was trying to politely ask Lucian to leave, but Lucian cut him off with a warning gaze before he could finish his sentence.

“No, it’s not possible. I don’t think there’s anything between you and Roxanne that I shouldn’t know.” Jack’s expression tensed up instantly.

“It’s about a partnership between Damaris Group and this research institute.” “In that case, there’s no need for me to leave.

Farwell Group is not involved in the medical field, so knowing the details of your partnership won’t result in any conflicts of interest.

Besides, you should have faith in Roxanne’s integrity,” Lucian replied nonchalantly.

Jack’s face clouded over when he realized Lucian wasn’t going to leave. “Will you be contributing anything to this conversation, then?”

Lucian arched an eyebrow in response before shifting his gaze toward Roxanne. Roxanne let out a helpless sigh when she noticed the rising tension between Lucian and Jack, but she was not about to take Jack’s side in this situation.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this in advance. I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to business, so Mr. Farwell is here as my consultant.”

She then turned toward Lucian to see if he was satisfied with her reply. Feeling satisfied, Lucian gave her a nod in response.

Jack frowned slightly and let out a sarcastic chuckle. “You’re willing to lower yourself and become Ms. Jarvis’s consultant?

Now I see why she’s so loyal to you, Mr. Farwell!” “It is an honor for me to be Roxanne’s consultant,” Lucian replied. It was unclear if he genuinely meant that, though.

Not wanting the two to start fighting over her, Roxanne changed the topic by saying, “All right, let’s just get down to business.

It’ll be lunchtime if we waste any more time chit-chatting.” Jack nodded and sat down on the single-cushion couch in front of her.

He looked like he meant business as he crossed his arms and said, “Since you wanted to see me so urgently, I’m assuming Mr. Farwell has given you some bright ideas. In that case, why don’t you go ahead and speak your mind?”

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