Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1527

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1527 – Agrees To Move In

Lucian stopped in his tracks upon hearing Roxanne’s voice. He made a turn and walked toward the bed.

His gaze turned dark as he regarded the groggy woman with her exposed shoulders. Roxanne mumbled blearily, “What’s wrong?

You should go and shower so that you can rest soon.” Lucian’s breathing got heavier as he gazed at her innocent demeanor.

However, he was trying his best to suppress his desire. If Roxanne was awake at this moment, she would definitely notice something was wrong and avoid such a situation deftly.

Nonetheless, not only did she not notice anything then, but she was also looking up at him without much thought, revealing her bare neck.

Not getting a reply from Lucian, Roxanne decided to snuggle back into her blanket. Suddenly, Lucian leaned down to plant a kiss on her face.

Roxanne froze for a few seconds. Her drowsiness vanished instantly when she realized what he was doing.

He was already on his way to the bathroom when she turned to look at him, leaving her hanging. She was wide awake now, as any semblance of drowsiness had vanished after his kiss.

Compared to what Lucian had done to her these past few days, this kiss actually means nothing to her.

Nevertheless, it held significant meaning to her, probably because she was lying on the bed she had laid in six years ago.

Roxanne was still wide awake when Lucian walked out of the bathroom. She instinctively turned to look at him when she heard the door of the bathroom opening.

His hair was still dripping wet as he donned grey pajamas. They looked like they were wearing a set of couple pajamas.

Upon realizing that, Roxanne’s face flushed crimson, and she naturally pulled up her blanket to hide her clothes.

Seemingly sensing Roxanne’s movement, Lucian turned toward her. Seeing that, Roxanne was stunned, but she tried to keep her composure and smiled at him.

“Are you still not sleeping yet?” Lucian’s gaze was gentle. Roxanne nodded slightly, then she glanced away guiltily when she saw his exposed torso.

“I can’t seem to sleep.” Lucian chuckled and asked her matter-of-factly, “Then, you can come and dry my hair for me.”

A crease appeared between Roxanne’s brows. After a moment of hesitation, she pulled the blanket away and got up.

Lucian already took the hair dryer and walked over to the bed. Roxanne sat beside him and started drying his hair with the hair dryer.

A look of surprise flashed across Roxanne’s eyes when Lucian’s hair felt cool to the touch.

It was a serene and soothing atmosphere since the two didn’t start a conversation with one another. There was only the sound of the hair dryer in the room. “It’s done.”

After a while, Roxanne reached out to touch his hair to check whether it was dry. Lucian quickly grabbed ahold of it before she could do so, and his touch scorched her skin.

Roxanne instinctively tried to retract her hand. Her other hand naturally switched off the hair dryer. She stood rooted to the spot under Lucian’s penetrating gaze. Lucian stared intently at her, stating, “You could have rejected me if you wanted to just now.”

Roxanne furrowed her brows when she heard that. In reality, she had already predicted what would have happened if she agreed to stay in Lucian’s room. However, she still agreed to stay in his room.

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