Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1526

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1526 – Getting Used To It Lucian suddenly leaned in to whisper in Roxanne’s ear, “I have a couch in my room.

You can sleep on the bed, and I will sleep on the couch. You can relax now, right?”

His hot breath tickled Roxanne’s ear. Roxanne could feel her ears burning as she glanced at Catalina and the kids, who were standing at the side.

It’s good that they didn’t seem to hear anything. “Mommy, you haven’t made breakfast for us in a long time…”

Benny stared at her with a pitiful expression as he wanted her to stay desperately. Meanwhile, Estella clutched the corner of her shirt, not letting her leave.

Although Archie didn’t say anything, he looked at her longingly. Roxanne’s heart ached as she looked at the kids. In the end, she agreed to stay.

After seeing that she had agreed to stay, Lucian immediately told the kids, “It’s getting late. Your mommy must be very tired, so we should let her rest soon. You guys should go to bed soon.”

With that, he pulled Roxanne up the stairs, leaving the kids with Catalina. Roxanne only managed to shoot the children a smile before she was dragged up the stairs.

Lucian’s bedroom was the same as six years ago, with his grey interior. It felt slightly dull and monotonous with all the grey furniture.

Roxanne stood at the entrance, feeling nervous suddenly. “I instructed them to stick to the model interior design because I was too lazy to put in the effort during renovations.

We can make changes gradually if you don’t like it.” Lucian’s deep voice sounded beside her ears. Roxanne was moved upon hearing that.

However, Lucian didn’t give her time to process her thoughts as he brought her into the room.

Lucian took a blanket from the bed and placed it on the couch the moment he entered the room like he was proving the words he said just now.

He behaved like a gentleman. Roxanne couldn’t act too prudish now that he did that. Moreover, she had slept in this room six years ago.

“I’ll go to the study to do some work. You should rest early.” Lucian knew it would still be too awkward for her, so he took the initiative to give her some space.

Roxanne shot him an appreciative grin. “Don’t stay up too late.” Lucian nodded and left the room.

After resting for a while, Roxanne entered the bathroom. She instantly noticed what Lucian had prepared in the bathroom.

There were two sets of toiletries, and he even prepared feminine hygiene products for her.

A wave of emotion rippled through her heart when he thought of how Lucian must have felt when preparing them.

After showering, she walked out of the bathroom to find a set of brand-new pajamas on the bed. Lucian must have specially prepared this too.

It was an extremely soft grey silk nightgown, accentuating her fair-skinned complexion. Roxanne didn’t give much thought to it as she immediately changed into it and lay in bed.

She was exhausted from working overtime and moving house in one day.

Although she hadn’t slept on this bed since six years ago, she could still fall asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard the door slowly open. Roxanne opened her eyes to see Lucian walking into the room.

His steps were light as he was trying not to wake her up. “You’re back,” Roxanne said instinctively. She was rather touched by his sweet gesture.

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