Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1528

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1528 –Wakes Up Late She could have also rejected Lucian’s request to help him dry his hair.

However, his tone was so natural, as if it was normal for her to do so. We are sleeping in the same room.

He prepared couple pajamas for us, and I dried his hair using the hair dryer… For some reason, Roxanne couldn’t find any reason to reject him.

Lucian had prepared everything too perfectly. With that, everything happened naturally without obstructions. …

The next morning, Roxanne felt as though her body was on the verge of crumbling down.

She looked at the time and realized it was eight in the morning. It’s one hour later than the alarm that I set.

Roxanne endured the pain in her joints as she took out her phone to look at the alarm. She noticed her alarm had already gone off.

Lucian had obviously turned off the alarm for her while she was sleeping. Roxanne sat up on the bed. The aching pain in her waist made her scowl.

They had been too wild last night… Catalina’s voice rang out from outside the room just as she was about to get out of bed. “

Ms. Jarvis, are you awake?” Roxanne put her hand to her forehead. Any adult will know what we did last night since I woke up late.

She answered, “What’s wrong?” Catalina responded, “Mr. Farwell told me to wake you up at eight. Breakfast is ready. You can head downstairs to eat

Roxanne agreed and washed up quickly, despite her aching body. After a while, she walked out of the bedroom to find Catalina waiting for her outside the entrance.

“Where’s Lucian?” Roxanne asked in confusion. Knowing Lucian, he would have personally woken her up in the morning.

Catalina answered helplessly, “Mr. Elias woke up early in the morning and informed Mr. Farwell that there was work to be handled in the office.

Mr. Farwell couldn’t refuse him, so he left.” Mr. Elias woke up already? Roxanne furrowed her brows. “Where is he now?”

Catalina replied, “He’s downstairs.” As they were talking, the two reached the stairs.

Roxanne could hear the children playing downstairs, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly uneasy.

Will Elias have a negative impression of the children if he is downstairs and the kids are playing so vociferously?

Roxanne instantly quickened her pace at that thought. Suddenly, she heard Benny say in a childish voice, “Grandpa, you did it wrongly here!

You should put it like this! You should look at the instructions!” Elias’ voice followed right after. “Oh, I see.

I have never done this before, so I’m not very familiar with it. I understand it now.” Upon hearing their conversation, Roxanne was befuddled and she quickened her footsteps.

When she finally made her way downstairs, the scene of Elias playing Lego with the three kids greeted her.

When Roxanne saw Benny hugging Elias, it sent her into a panic. She quickly called out, “Archie, Benny!”

Even though they heard Roxanne’s voice, the children still had no intention of leaving Elias. Instead, they just turned to smile and greet her.

“Mommy! You woke up so late! I had no one to play with me! Luckily, Grandpa was up!”

Roxanne’s cheeks turned pink when she heard the children say this in front of Elias. She tried to make up an excuse.

“I woke up a long time ago, but I was on a call upstairs!” Then, she turned to greet Elias meekly, “Mr. Farwell, good morning.” Elias smiled and nodded at her.

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