Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1525

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1525 – Lucian had never brought up the wedding plan to her. Roxanne was dumbfounded.

She glanced at Lucian beside her, as she didn’t quite know how to react. Lucian suddenly grabbed her hand tightly.

Roxanne froze for a second before she lowered her head and squeezed his hand. Sonya was already upset by her son’s words, so seeing the couple’s intertwined hands sent a wave of dizziness through her.

“Essie, come over to me.” Since she couldn’t convince her son, she turned her attention to Estella. “I’ll bring you up to sleep.”

Estella shook her head and grabbed the corner of Roxanne’s shirt. “I want to be with Mommy.”

Sonya took a deep breath as she tried to suppress her anger. “Do you not want Grandma and Grandpa anymore?”

Estella felt a little aggrieved upon hearing that. She observed Lucian’s and Roxanne’s expressions carefully before saying, “Can’t I have it all?

Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandma.” Everyone felt their hearts lurch when Estella’s childish voice rang out.

Sonya’s extended hand froze mid-air for a moment before she withdrew it. Knitting her eyebrows, she chose to keep silent.

Lucian stared at her intently. “Mom, you shouldn’t say such words to Essie since you know her condition.

Essie will always be your granddaughter, and we won’t stop her from seeing you. Why do you have to force her like this?”

Knowing that she was at fault for the matter, Sonya cast a worried glance at Estella before snorting. “Since I can’t persuade you on this matter, you can go and tell your father yourself.” With that, she looked away and hurried up the stairs huffily.

Catalina walked out after Sonya left. She smiled at Roxanne. “Ms. Jarvis, you’re finally back.”

Then, she turned to Lucian and stated, “Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell said they are going to stay here for some time.”

Lucian nodded indifferently. “I understand. You should go and prepare a guest room for Roxanne.”

Catalina cast a troubled look at Lucian and Roxanne as she said, “We’ve recently done a thorough cleaning of the house, so all the mattresses in the guest rooms are at the dry cleaners.

Mr. and Mrs. Farwell are using the only spare mattress now. How about I go and buy one now?”

Roxanne was perplexed, realizing there were no available guest rooms. “You don’t need to go out now since it’s so late.

Why don’t I sleep with the children for the night?” The three children said in unison, “Mommy, there’s no space in Essie’s room anymore!”

Archie and Benny had been staying in Estella’s room since they moved into the manor. They would sleep late every night since they spent a long time playing.

Roxanne was at a loss as to what to do. “Why don’t I head back home first? I’ll come back another day…”

Lucian immediately asked in his deep voice, “It’s so late. How are you getting back home?” Roxanne did not want to bother anyone.

ucian’s voice rang out as she was about to say she was going back on her own. “I don’t feel at ease with you going back by yourself.

Rather than making this so troublesome, why don’t you stay in my room for the night?” The truth was Roxanne was afraid he would say that.

She only agreed to move in to spend more time with Sonya and change the latter’s opinion of her.

However, she didn’t expect Sonya to be so peeved about her moving to the Farwell residence.

If Sonya found out Roxanne was staying in Lucian’s room, she would be beyond furious.

Also, he had been wearing his heart on the sleeve these past few days. If they really stayed in the same room the whole nig

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