Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1524

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1524 – Meanwhile, at the Farwell residence, Catalina gazed at the two people seated on the couch with a troubled

Sonya questioned furiously, “Where’s Lucian? I heard he allowed the two b*stards to stay in the manor. Is that true?”

Sitting at one side, Elias rubbed his temples. “Regardless of how dissatisfied you may be toward them, they are ultimately still three outsiders.

There isn’t any reason for you to direct your anger at them. Deal with Lucian alone if you must. The children are innocent.”

Hearing his voice, Sonya managed to pull herself together. “If Roxanne hadn’t seduced our son, why would he—” “You’re underestimating Lucian and giving Roxanne too much credit.” Elias didn’t know what to do with Sonya.

Both of them were his loved ones, so he decided not to interfere in the dispute between his son and wife.

Sonya was reluctant to listen to his reasonings, so she instructed Catalina, “Prepare a guest room for us. We’ll be staying here for the time being.”

Not daring to defy her, Catalina turned around and went upstairs to tidy the guest room while praying inwardly. I hope Ms. Jarvis won’t face Sonya’s wrath when she returns.

After cleaning the guest room, Catalina reported to Sonya and Elias warily. “Let’s go up and rest,” Elias uttered in a deep voice.

Sonya was still fuming with anger. “I can’t sleep. You can go upstairs first. I will wait for Lucian to come home and clarify things with him.”

Elias sighed upon hearing that. Still, he didn’t insist and got up to head upstairs.

Sonya sat on the couch. She sipped on her coffee as her chest heaved vigorously in rage.

Lucian did not make it a point to cover things up when he took Archie and Benny in.

Consequently, that matter became widespread among the elite circle in the following days.

When Sonya heard of that information from an outsider, she hastened over to Lucian’s living place angrily wanting to chase Archie and Benny back to where they came from.

She sat in the living room until eleven o’clock at night before finally hearing some movements outside the house.

Sonya immediately fixed her eyes on the door while her facial expression grew tense. Then, she saw a few bodyguards carrying suitcases into the house.

Lucian, Roxanne, and the kids trailed behind at a fair pace. Seeing that, Sonya trembled in a fury. “W-What’s the meaning of this?”

She pointed at Roxanne and asked through gritted teeth, “Why are you here at our home so late into the night?”

Lucian didn’t expect his mother would be there. He furrowed his brows and shielded Roxanne behind him.

“I told Roxanne to come here. From today onward, they will be staying here in the manor.” Roxanne stepped forward from behind him and politely greeted Sonya, “Pardon me for the intrusion, Mrs. Farwell.”

“Do not address me like that!” Sonya bellowed. “Stop what you’re doing and send these suitcases back to where they came from!”

Upon hearing that, the bodyguards immediately turned to Lucian to seek the latter’s permission. Lucian gestured. “Go on.”

The bodyguards continued carrying out their tasks after that. Sonya’s face turned crimson from rage as she sensed the futility of her words.

“Are you turning a deaf ear to my advice? How can you do something as significant as bringing them home without informing us?

you still have any respect for me and your father?” Lucian retorted, “Would you have agreed if I talked to you in advance?”

Sonya’s answer was apparent from her silent grimace. “Why should I make a fool of myself if I had already anticipated your disagreement?”

He uttered firmly, “If you wish for me to inform you of my decisions beforehand, I might as well clear things up now.

Since I made up my mind to let them stay here, I will bear the responsibility of caring for them. I’ve already made the necessary preparations.

After Roxanne agrees to my marriage proposal, we will proceed with our wedding ceremony at once. I want to declare to everyone that she’s my wife.”

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