Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1523

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1523 – Roxanne frowned, evidently still unconvinced that was a good idea. “I’m not prepared for this…”

Lucian pulled her into his embrace, so they were in close proximity to one another. “You don’t have to prepare anything.

I’ll take good care of you and the children.” With that, he sealed her lips with his to prevent her from refusing him.

After a long while, Roxanne, whose eyes were watery, finally struggled free from his arms when she felt she was on the verge of suffocation.

“I don’t know what you have in mind, but I still think that…” Lucian’s gaze darkened. A hint of displeasure surged within him as he sensed she was still concerning herself with that.

Nonetheless, he did not let his emotions show and kept a solemn facial expression.

“I don’t want to make things difficult for you either, but the kids have been yearning to meet you even in their dreams.

Aubree hasn’t been caught, so I can never feel safe if you live here alone.” Lucian casually lied to Roxanne as she had not been informed of Aubree’s escape.

She wavered when she heard him mentioning the children. The kids miss me. Well, I long to see them too.

But… Judging by what Sonya thinks of us, she must already be highly dissatisfied with letting the children stay there.

If I also move there, I’m afraid she will immediately chase us out. At that thought, Roxanne took two steps backward and shook her head bitterly.

“We should just forget it. Or else we’ll let the children stay with me. I’ll spare as much time as possible to care for them.”

“I know what you’re worried about.” He stared intently at her. “Since I’ve decided to let you stay there, I’ll never let you and the kids suffer any grievances. I just need you to have faith in me.”

Roxanne’s eyes glinted. Looking at the man before her, she couldn’t help but be reminded of how Sonya regarded her whenever their eyes met.

The displeasure in Sonya’s eyes was apparent when she saw Roxanne at the manor the other day. Nevertheless, Lucian had indeed stood up for her.

Roxanne was touched as she recalled his gesture. He grabbed her arm and asked in an undertone, “Are you willing to believe in me?”

The doubt in her eyes gradually dissipated as the grin on her face widened. “We’ll do as you say.” This day will come sooner or later.

Perhaps only by moving into the Farwell residence and interacting further with Sonya can I change her perception toward the kids and me.

Taking in the trusting look on her face, Lucian couldn’t stop himself from gently kissing her eyes.

She felt a little uneasy at the thought that they were about to start living together. Thus, she pushed him away and pulled away while forcing herself to stay calm. “It’s getting late. Let’s hurry up and pack.”

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