Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1522

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1522 – “Mommy!”

Despite the children greeting her enthusiastically when they saw her coming in, they did not run up to welcome her like they usually did, as they were busy organizing their toys.

Roxanne was even more puzzled. “What are you guys doing? If the manor doesn’t have enough toys, I can buy more for you. There’s no need to take so much trouble to move them around.”

Benny shook his head solemnly. “That’s not it. It’s because we won’t be bringing these items back here again since we’re moving in with Daddy.”

Moving in with Lucian? What does that mean? Don’t they already live with him? Why would they need to move their things again?

Roxanne could not help feeling uneasy and stood there at a loss. I thought it was because the children had found out about their identities and wanted to…
“Daddy is packing up your things upstairs. Go up and have a look!” Benny urged her again.

She abruptly came back to her senses, and shock flashed across her eyes. “What?” “Don’t you want to live with us, Mommy?”

Estella stopped what she was doing and turned to face her mother with a pitiful yet hopeful gaze. “I want to live with you and Daddy.

Please move there with us!” Meeting the little girl’s pitiful look, Roxanne could not bring herself to say no, so she could only go upstairs to find Lucian.

“You guys…” She sighed internally before continuing, “Pack up your toys first. I’ll go upstairs and have a look.”

The children obediently agreed and continued to pack. Meanwhile, Roxanne turned around and went upstairs with mixed feelings.

It’s a huge deal to get me to move in with him; yet, he didn’t even say anything to me and simply brought the kids over to move stuff.

This is too much. The door of her bedroom was open, and at a glance, she could see Lucian packing inside.

His movements were unexpectedly orderly. However, her face instantly turned red when she saw what was in his hand.

She swiftly entered and snatched her undergarment from him. “Roxanne? You’re back.”

Lucian seemed to have just noticed her existence, though his expression remained calm as if the person holding her undergarment just now was not him.

While blushing and frowning, Roxanne put her undergarment aside and asked in embarrassment, “What are you doing?”

Lucian looked at her, then looked at the luggage that he had almost done packing. “The children miss you a lot, so I figured I might as well move you over to live with us. That way, I can be at ease too,” he said frankly.

Roxanne continued frowning. “I wasn’t asking you this.” “I’m sorry.” Lucian changed his tune smoothly, “I told the children to pack their things without your

Even though he said that, his face clearly showed no sign that he had realized his mistake, but at least he did apologize for it.

Seeing that, Roxanne had no choice but to accept the reality. She had no idea when it started, but her tolerance for Lucian was lowering infinitely.

Even though he did that, she was not very angry. She merely felt helpless. “I told you that I can take care of myself.

Besides, with our current relationship, I’m afraid it’s not wise for me to live in the manor.” Lucian frowned. “Why not?”

Roxanne explained, “The online discussion has finally just settled down—” Before she could finish speaking, Lucian gave her a peck on her lips.

“I’ll take care of it. No one would dare to spew nonsense.”

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