Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1521

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1521 – The two were busy until eight at night.

After exiting the laboratory, Jack checked the time and suggested, “It’s late now. Let’s have a meal together. We haven’t seen each other in a while.”

However, Roxanne declined apologetically as she was a little worn out, “Let’s do that some other day. I’m too tired today.”

“I’ll send you back, then,” he persisted. At his words, she could not help but recall her previous speculation and felt a bit concerned.

“I appreciate your offer, Mr. Damaris, but I drove here. I’ll have problems getting to work tomorrow if you send me back, so it’s best not to.”

After saying that, she continued without giving him a chance to reply, “It’s indeed a little late. Let’s head out early.”

Jack frowned in displeasure when he saw her turning on her heels and followed her to the entrance of the research institute.

Just as Roxanne was about to get in her car, he suddenly spoke. “Oh, by the way, if you have time tomorrow afternoon, come to Damaris Group.

We haven’t talked much about the profit distribution of the new drug. Now that the research has taken shape, it’s time to put this issue on the agenda.”

She naturally would not refuse his invitation, so she promptly nodded. “All right. I’ll go there on time.

After bidding each other a simple farewell, they got in their respective cars. Jack’s scowl deepened as he watched her drive off slowly.

It’s crystal clear how different her attitude is toward Lucian and me. She’s wary of me. Lucian must’ve said something to her!

There’s no guarantee that she won’t completely distance herself from me because of him at a later date. If that happens, we won’t have the chance to cooperate again!

As that thought crossed his mind, he glanced maliciously at a box of customized sandalwood incense lying beside him.

His mouth formed a sneer as he inhaled the distinct fragrance. Even if Lucian’s words are useful, so what? I’ve long made my move! Roxanne will never be able to get away from me!

… On the way home, Roxanne contemplated Jack’s behavior during this period of time. She had always thought it was a little odd, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

Even when her car had stopped in front of the mansion, she still could not figure it out.

Roxanne got out of the car absentmindedly, and just as she locked the door, she noticed that the mansion was brightly lit—even her room on the second level was still lit!

When she noticed that, she halted her footsteps abruptly, and a feeling of wariness swept over her. She was sure she turned off the lights when she left.

Moreover, the children are at Lucian’s, so there shouldn’t be anyone at home. Even if he brought them back, no one would enter my room!

As Aubree’s face appeared in her mind, she instinctively took out her phone, intending to call Lucian.

However, before she could do anything, the door to the mansion suddenly opened. Archie poked his head out from behind the door.

Only after spotting her did he feel assured to open the door wide. “Why are you not coming in, Mommy.”

Roxanne finally felt relieved and looked at the little boy helplessly. “Why are you all back?” she inquired.

Archie’s eyes flitted around as he replied in his cute voice, “Daddy won’t let us tell. You’ll know when you come in and take a look.”

She was perplexed by his enigmatic response, and as soon as she entered the house, she noticed the small boxes in the living room.

Benny and Estella were busy packing toys into the boxes.

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