Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1511

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1511 – “As a matter of fact, I still don’t know why Lucian called off your engagement,” Shawn stated his doubts as
he fixed his gaze on her.

Hearing that, Aubree allowed herself to relax. Hope flashed across her eyes as she asked, “Is there nothing going on between you and Roxanne?”

Surprised, Shawn retorted, “Why would you think there’s something going on between us?”

Aubree let out a deep breath of relief before unleashing her pent-up emotions and bitter resentment toward Roxanne. “

If it wasn’t for that btch, I would have been Mrs. Farwell by now! I’ll never forgive her for what she did!

” Shawn noticed the change in her gaze and fell silent for a few moments. A strange smile played on his lips as he said, “I can help you.”

Aubree’s heart skipped a beat as she met his gaze in delight. She might be wrong, but there seemed to be a calculative look in Shawn’s eyes.

Shawn had grown weary of attempting to disguise his intentions. He declared frankly, “You can count on me to provide you with the means to depart this country, but you must listen to me once you have reached your destination.

It may be somewhat challenging, so I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to comply.” Aubree desperately wanted a way out of her current situation.

When presented with an opportunity to escape, she was more than eager to make it happen. Without hesitation, she agreed, “Sure!

I’m willing to do anything as long as you can help me!” With that, they reached an agreement. Shawn changed his tone and spoke amicably.

“I will see to it that someone is able to safely transport you out of the country. I hope you won’t let me down.” “Thank you so much.”

After Aubree got what she came here for, her eyes gleamed with a newfound feeling of determination and vengefulness.

Frieda had been hiding outside for some time, dreading the notion of confronting the two mad individuals who were in the mansion.

Despite her trepidation, she was not brave enough to go off by herself and eventually made the difficult decision to enter the mansion.

“Aubree, how did it go?” she asked carefully after making her way inside. Aubree’s expression gave away the results, and upon seeing it, she felt a sense of relief wash over her.

“Why did you leave?” Aubree gave her an icy glare. When I was in trouble, she escaped and abandoned me to face that lunatic alone.

If I wasn’t about to depart from the country, I would have given her a stern reprimand for her behavior. Frieda noticed Aubree’s displeasure and attempted to placate her with a smile.

“I left to look into the situation,” she explained. “The Farwells have already made a police report, but I’m sure that with this gentleman’s help, you won’t have anything to worry about anymore.”

I can’t believe the Farwells called the police! A grim look spread across Aubree’s face when she heard that. Why is Lucian so heartless?

My family is in tatters, but he still won’t stop! It’s all the btch’s fault. She must’ve told him something! Roxanne Jarvis, I must teach you a lesson when I return!

Her hatred was so intense that Frieda felt a chill go down her spine. “Aubree, you’re going to leave soon, so it’s best to let it go.

Why—” “Shut up! You know nothing,” Aubree interjected. “I’ll be back! I won’t let that b*tch off easily.”

Frieda opened her mouth in an attempt to convince Aubree to reconsider her decision, but before she had the chance to do so, Shawn came downstairs after relaying his orders to his subordinate.

He didn’t even spare Frieda a glance as he looked straight at Aubree. “We have no time to spare. I have a subordinate waiting outside for you, Ms. Pearson. You can depart now.”

Without further delay, Aubree rose to her feet and strode out of the mansion. Seeing that Aubree was prepared to leave, Frieda dared not stay behind and hastily followed her out the door.

Outside, she watched as Aubree was ushered into a sleek, black car by a mysterious man wearing an equally dark outfit. Without a moment’s hesitation, the driver started the car and quickly pulled away, leaving Frieda behind.

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