Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1510

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1510 – Aubree clenched her fists by her sides, her nails digging into her palms.

“Who said I’m asking for your help? Don’t you realize that I’m threatening you?” “Threatening me?” The amused look in Shawn’s eyes intensified.

“I don’t think you’re capable enough to threaten me with your current status.”

Aubree gritted her teeth. “If you refuse to help me, I’ll make a police report! You’ll be sent to jail for what you did to me that night!”

The lighthearted smirk that had been on Shawn’s face moments earlier had vanished. His voice was low and menacing as he spoke. “

If I was scared of the consequences, I wouldn’t have done what I did that night. Do you have anything to back up your claims?

Anything that could possibly be used against me?”Aubree’s lashes trembled imperceptibly when she heard that.

Evidence? I was planning on using him, so I didn’t leave any traces behind. Seeing her reaction, Shawn continued, “If you have nothing, I’d advise you to behave yourself.

My interest in you was not due to any romantic inclination, but because of your prior relationship with Lucian.

Had it not been for this connection, I doubt I would have found you particularly attractive.”

He held her chin with such force that her face contorted in pain. “If you want my help, you will ask me politely.

Don’t give me any attitude, or you will regret coming here tonight.” With that, Shawn tossed her aside in disgust.

Frieda’s heart sank when she saw his attitude doing one-eighty. She glanced at Aubree before suggesting tentatively, “Aubree, perhaps you should talk to him while I go and check on the status of the situation.”

Without waiting for a reply, she rushed out hastily, afraid of inviting unwanted trouble. The butler entered his room at the same time.

Aubree and Shawn were the only ones left in the living room. Aubree was sprawled on the ground, looking wretched as Shawn towered above her and looked at her as if she was nothing but a worthless piece of trash.

“Will you speak nicely now?” he asked, his voice dripping with disdain. A while later, Aubree struggled to her feet and hung her head low.

She gritted her teeth and forced herself to speak softly. “I’m willing to do anything as long as you agree to help me.”

Shawn was filled with a sense of satisfaction as he watched the former influential socialite submit to him.

“You were discarded by Lucian like a piece of trash, but even so, your body is acceptable…”He sounded her out by inching nearer to her.

Aubree dug her nails into her palms fiercely. Her body tensed up when she heard him call her trash, and his insults stung her soul like a thousand tiny needles.

However, she reminded herself to stay put to achieve her goal. Shawn was pleased to see the submissive side of her.

Nonchalantly, he asked, “Something serious must’ve happened for you to endure all my insults, Ms. Pearson. If you are unwilling to divulge the details to me, how can I be of help?”

As he stopped coming closer to her, Aubree allowed her grip to loosen and replied, “I suspect Lucian has called the police to arrest me because of that btch.

Please help me by sending me out of the country!” She bit the inside of her mouth and pretended to be weak by pleading,

“I’m sorry for my attitude earlier. I promise I’ll do whatever you say as long as I can escape the country safely!” “That btch?”

Shawn repeated the way she addressed Roxanne in amusement. Aubree’s eyes widened in surprise as she considered the possibility that he was working together with Roxanne.

She was afraid that she might’ve provoked him. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

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