Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1512

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1512 – For the next two days, the police failed to make progress.

Farwell Group had mobilized all its forces but failed to locate Aubree in Herington. Cayden arrived at Lucian’s office with a dark expression.

“Mr. Farwell.” “Have you found Aubree?” Lucian’s voice was icy cold when he mentioned Aubree’s name.

Cayden felt a chill travel down his spine as he sensed the fury radiating from Lucian. “We have yet to find her whereabouts, and the police haven’t given us any updates.”

Inside the study, the temperature dropped so low that it was almost subzero. An ominous black thundercloud of temper settled over Lucia as he asked, “What about Samuel and Gina?

Did Aubree contact them?” Cayden replied carefully, “No. I’ve looked into it, and they stopped contacting Aubree after her photos were leaked.”

After observing Lucian’s reaction, he mustered up the courage to express his suspicion. “I think Aubree has fled.

She must have sensed something was wrong, as she hasn’t spoken to Ophelia in days.” Lucian had the same suspicion, too.

He remained unfazed after hearing Cayden’s words. The study fell silent in an instant. Anxiety crept up Cayden’s heart, as he wasn’t sure what to do.

Fortunately, Lucian soon broke the silence. “Continue to keep an eye on the Pearsons and the search for Aubree.

If she has managed to escape, she’d better not come back. If she does, our men must be the first to discover her whereabouts.”

Cayden exhaled sharply and gave a curt nod. “Understood!” As Lucian was done relaying his orders, Cayden reported the remaining information to him and turned to leave.

The soft click of the door latch echoed through the study. Lucian slowly rose from his chair and made his way to the window where he stood in deep contemplation.

Aubree’s whereabouts remain unknown. The fact that she is still missing is a cause of great concern.

Roxanne and the children are in a precarious situation. I have considered assigning more bodyguards to ensure their safety, yet this still leaves me with lingering concerns.

I wish more than anything that I could keep Roxanne close to me all the time, but unfortunately, she is a free spirit who cannot be controlled.

I must figure out another way… Right then, the shrill sound of the phone ringing on his desk startled him.

Lucian went over and realized it was a call from Jonathan. He answered it without hesitation. “Lucian, how are things going? Have you found Aubree?”

Jonathan was aware of the situation and had been keeping tabs on it. Lucian’s brows were knitted together as he replied in frustration, “No.

I suspect she has escaped, but I told them to continue finding her.” Jonathan was baffled. “Farwell Group and the police are working hard to find her.

Even if she has wings, it is impossible for her to fly out of the country! Is she in some sort of shelter or an area full of homeless people?”

He was highly doubtful that Aubree would be able to manage an escape on her own, considering her family was no longer influential.

The only feasible explanation for her disappearance was that she had managed to elude detection by hiding away like a small rodent.

“My men did a thorough search all over Herington in all the possible places,” Lucian revealed darkly.

Jonathan’s mood grew heavy. “That woman is unusually persistent. Remind Roxanne to be careful. I’ll also join in the search.”

Lucian wasn’t in the mood to continue their conversation, so he agreed and ended the call.

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