Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1504

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1504 – Although Aubree did not admit to it directly, her apology could be considered an indirect confirmation that
she had instigated Ophelia’s actions.

Utterly disappointed, Sonya said flatly, “How could I have trusted someone as heartless as you all these years?”

Hearing the indifference in her voice, Aubree quickly explained, “I swear that’s the only thing I lied to you about, and it was because I was too madly in love with Lucian! You understand that, don’t you? I promise I’ll never do it again.”

Sonya was infuriated by her words. “That’s the only thing you lied about? You don’t think that’s enough, do you? You nearly killed my granddaughter!”

Although they were only speaking over the phone, a shiver ran down Aubree’s spine. She began sobbing even harder. “I was wrong!

I’ll even prostrate myself and apologize to Essie if you want. Please forgive me this time! Have you forgotten? You said you’d only acknowledge me as your daughter-in-law.

I won’t marry Lucian anymore, so please ask him to show me mercy.” Sonya was already fuming over the fact that Aubree had deceived her.

However, seeing that the latter had dared to bring up what she had said in the past, she was absolutely livid. “Get over here and apologize to Essie, then!”

All of a sudden, Aubree fell silent. Get on my hands and knees before that little kid and apologize? How can I do that? Besides, won’t Lucian know if I go back there? Where will I run then?

The silence caused Sonya’s voice to turn even icier as she said, “I’m giving you one last chance. Come back and explain everything clearly to my face.

If you don’t even have the guts to meet me, there’s nothing left for us to say.” Aubree clenched her jaw and ended the call without uttering a single word.

“What happened, Aubree?” Frieda, who had been watching Aubree on the phone, felt uneasy.

The outcome that’d be the most favorable for me is if Aubree were to leave the country and flee as far away as possible.

If Sonya agrees to help Aubree, however, my plan will fail, and Aubree will end up remaining in the country and continuing to be a nuisance to me!

Aubree clutched her phone so tightly that her hand shook. “That old hag! She’s in cahoots with that b*tch! She wants me to go back.

Does she take me for a fool?” After saying that, she gritted her teeth and turned to Frieda. “You mentioned going abroad. How do we go about that?”

Still looking a little troubled, Frieda replied, “I can get the money ready, but if you’re to leave with things as they are now, it’ll be quite difficult to send you off without the Farwells finding out.”

Feeling defeated, Aubree slumped against the wall. “I’m done for…” “The Pearsons used to have many friends among the other prestigious families.

Is there really no one who could help you? Try and think again,” Frieda urged, visibly anxious. “Let me think…” Aubree mumbled.

Back in the Farwell residence living room, Sonya remained shaken for a long while. It’s only now that I’m finally seeing Aubree’s true colors.

“How could I have been so blind? How could I have trusted someone like that?”

She shook her head in deep regret. I even entertained the thought that Aubree would probably turn over a new leaf after what happened to her family and would be a suitable candidate for my daughter-in-law.

Now, I’ve no choice but to admit I fell for the same person’s trickery twice! Lucian had expected her response, and he did not press for details.

He merely asked, “How did it go? Is she willing to meet with you?”

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