Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1505

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1505 – Not wanting to say anything further, Sonya simply shook her head with a gloomy expression.

The fact that she had been tricked by someone like Aubree was humiliating enough. She was not about to admit it in front of Roxanne.
Lucian and Roxanne exchanged solemn glances when they saw her response. “What do you plan on having the police do to her?” Elias asked.

“They will handle her accordingly based on what she did. However, we don’t know where Aubree is right now, so we’ll need to find her before we even worry
about that,” Lucian replied coldly. Sonya frowned the moment she heard that. “Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?

I wouldn’t have taken that tone with her if you had told me about it!” Had I known about this sooner, I would’ve pretended to care about Aubree and
tricked her into coming back! Of course, Lucian knew what Sonya had in mind. “She’s extremely cautious.

I only told you to call her to test her out, so I wasn’t expecting much to begin with.” Realizing that Sonya was about to get mad again, Elias quickly stood up and
pulled her into his arms. “Your mother and I will leave you two alone now that we know what’s going on.

Just give me a call if you ever need anything. As for Aubree, I’ll have our men continue searching for her.” “I’ll go see Gina and Samuel again and tell them
to talk some sense into Aubree. Hopefully, they’ll be able to convince her to surrender,” Sonya said coldly after forcefully suppressing her anger.

Feeling relieved that she was finally starting to understand, Lucian flashed her a smile and nodded in acknowledgment. “You two should get some rest too,
” Elias reminded them after walking Sonya to the door. Lucian arched an eyebrow at him in response. “Got it. Be careful on the road.”

Sonya waited until they were inside the car before expressing her guilt and regret. “How could I have missed all the signs? I can’t believe Aubree is so
cruel and heartless! Our poor granddaughter suffers a lot as is, and yet, Aubree still targeted her anyway…”

Elias turned to look at her after slowly starting the car. “That’s why I told you not to interfere with Lucian’s affairs.” Sonya frowned and was about to say
something in response, but Elias retracted his gaze as he continued, “Why do you think Lucian chose not to marry her after all these years?

Why do you think Essie still refuses to accept her?” Sonya opened her mouth, but she couldn’t find the words to say in response to his questions.
The answers are obvious… Lucian still can’t bring himself to let go of Roxanne, and Essie has seen right through Aubree’s pretense long ago.

My poor granddaughter suffered so much at Aubree’s hands for so long, and yet she couldn’t even tell anyone about it. I’ve always been trying to
get Essie to spend time with Aubree, so it’s only natural for her to dislike me. I feel so bad for her…

“Why did Lucian want you to call Aubree just now?” Elias pressed on when he received no response from her. Having been snapped out of her train
of thought, Sonya replied reluctantly, “He just wanted me to see Aubree’s true intentions.

Tell me, have I been making a complete fool out of myself this whole time?” “Lucian is the only one who can decide who he marries. If you interfere,
then he might end up marrying someone like Aubree.

Do you really want to put the Farwell family in the hands of a woman like that?” Elias asked. Sonya simply snorted and kept quiet after that.

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