Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1503

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1503 – Sonya fixed Roxanne with a cold-eyed stare, clearly suspecting that Lucian had caused a commotion
because of her.

Lucian stepped between his mother and Roxanne protectively, then led the latter downstairs and made her sit in the armchair while he stood beside her.

“I wouldn’t have bothered the police at such a late hour, but I caught a woman named Ophelia Smith trying to pour lubricant over the brakes on Roxanne’s car this afternoon.

Had I not discovered what she was doing, I’m afraid Roxanne and the children could be dead by now.” Sonya’s expression changed. “What?

Didn’t that person know Estella would be riding in that car too?” Lucian’s tone turned grave as he replied, “She knew, of course.

After all, the mastermind behind it all is Aubree.” “What did you say?” Sonya was so enraged that she lost her balance and staggered backward into Elias.

He immediately helped her to the couch, then asked, “What’s going on? How can you be sure that it was Aubree’s doing?

Hasn’t she learned her lesson after her family’s fall from grace?” Lucian nodded indifferently.

“I’m also curious why she’s still so incorrigible after her family’s downfall and keeps pestering Roxanne and the children.”

His response confirmed to his parents that Aubree had orchestrated the whole thing .Nodding, Elias said, “If that’s the case, she deserves to be arrested.

In fact, she should’ve been arrested after what happened previously.” However, Sonya was still a little doubtful. “

Aubree’s—” “I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of her in a robe at a hotel. Isn’t that enough to tell you what sort of person she is?

Now that the situation has already come to a head, do you still think she couldn’t have done such things?

How long are you going to let her hoodwink you?” Lucian’s voice grew a few notches colder, and a hint of anger flashed in his eyes as he looked at his mother.

Sonya looked away, recalling how she felt when she had seen those photos. He’s right. Aubree’s a liar.

But… Narrowing his eyes, Lucian suddenly said, “If you still don’t believe it, you can always call and ask her to come over so that you can confront her face-to-face.”

Roxanne caught on almost at once. Aubree is backed into a corner now. If Sonya calls her, she’ll surely see Sonya as a lifeline and come to meet Sonya!

As the realization dawned on her, Roxanne could not help feeling somewhat nervous. She desperately hoped that Sonya would agree and lure Aubree out naturally.

Sonya looked uncertain as she gazed at Lucian, then at the woman behind him. “If you’re worried, why don’t you just call and ask?” Elias urged her.

Only then did Sonya take her phone from her handbag, pull up Aubree’s number, and make the call.

Meanwhile, Aubree was fretting like a cat on a hot tin roof, unable to come up with a single solution.

When she saw Sonya’s call, she instantly fell back to her habit of thinking of Sonya as her lifesaver and hurriedly answered it.

“Mrs. Farwell, you’ve got to help me!” she cried out in a tearful voice. Hearing that, Sonya felt her heart lurch as she realized everything Lucian had said was true.

Nonetheless, she still harbored a trace of pity for Aubree in her heart. She asked, “Was it really you who put Ophelia Smith up to it?”

Aubree sobbed, “I know it was my fault, Mrs. Farwell. I lost all rationale for a while. Please help me. I won’t do it ever again!”

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