Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1502

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1502 – “Overseas?” Aubree seethed insidiously. “If I leave, won’t that b*tch, Roxanne, get what she wants?

How can I do that before I have my revenge against her?” Sensing the insidious aura Aubree was exuding, the tense Frieda carefully persuaded the former, “If you

don’t go and end up being captured by the police or the Farwell family, you will fall into even worse circumstances than you’re currently in.

When that happens, you can kiss vengeance goodbye!” Frieda didn’t dare infuriate Aubree given the latter’s state of mind.

Worried that Aubree would go mad, Freida tried her best to calm her down. After all, it was also in her interest if Aubree were to flee overseas.

With that thought in mind, Frieda suggested, “If you’re worried about money, I can prepare it for you. Even though it isn’t much, I can spare ten to twenty million now that I have returned to the Queen family.”

Panic struck Aubree when she heard of the fate that awaited her. Nevertheless, she was reluctant to let Roxanne go just like that.

Gritting her teeth, she replied, “There has to be another way!” Meanwhile, Lucian was looking displeased in his study at the Farwell residence.

“Let it go. The police will think of something. You should grab a bite first,” Roxanne advised Lucian softly despite the anxiety she felt after learning of Aubree’s refusal to meet.

Since Catalina had served the food a while ago, it would soon grow cold if left untouched. However, Lucian furrowed his brows as a murderous intent began to swell within him.

If Aubree dares to cause any more trouble, I’ll definitely… Although she couldn’t tell what was on his mind, Roxanne could feel the sudden tension in the room.

She got up to hold his arm and lead him to the couch. Thereafter, she brought the food that was served to him.

Staring at Roxanne, Lucian cast aside his frustrations and relished the attention she was showering him.

Just as both of them were sharing a quiet meal, a knock on the door was heard. Catalina’s voice subsequently rang out. “Mr. and Mrs. Farwell are here.”

Roxanne stopped what she was doing in response to Catalina’s words. Looking at Lucian, she spoke hesitantly. “You should go down.

I’ll wait for you here.” She had no intention of seeing Sonya unless it was necessary.

However, Lucian calmly finished the food she served before getting up from the couch. He replied in a deep voice, “We’ll head down together.

She’ll have to accept you and the kids sooner or later.” Giving her no choice, he grabbed her wrist and led her out of the study.

Roxanne finally relented because she found no real reason to protest. Upon descending the staircase together, they saw the two figures sitting on the couch.

Sonya was evidently outraged, her chest heaving vigorously. Elias, with an equally grave expression, was trying his best to calm her down.

Further infuriated by the unexpected sight of Roxanne, Sonya jumped to her feet. “Why are both of you together at this hour?”

When Elias saw Roxanne, he nodded to greet her. Roxanne reciprocated with a polite nod before returning her gaze to the furious Sonya.

Just as she was about to reply, Lucian preempted her, “There’s nothing wrong with us being together.

Instead, I’m more curious as to what both of you are doing here at this hour.” Sonya turned toward Elias, hoping that he would say something.

When he saw the look in his wife’s eye, Elias explained in resignation, “Why did you call the police so late at night?

The police chief just informed me about it. What’s going on?

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