Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1497

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1497 – Catalina instinctively thought that the two of them were fighting again, so she started trying to patch them

“Mrs. Farwell, Mr. Farwell really cares for you. He must have lost control of himself out of worry if he accidentally said something wrong or had been acting terribly.

Please don’t be mad at him…” Roxanne realized that Catalina had misunderstood their situation, but she did not have the time to explain.

She only said, “I got it. I’ll call him now, so don’t worry.” With that, she hastily ended the call and called Lucian instead. Right as she was about to tap the call button, she abruptly thought about something.

Glancing at the three children, she said, “I’m going to head out for a while, so be good at home, okay? Rest earlier.”

The children had overheard her conversation with Catalina, and Benny asked, “Mommy, are you going to meet Mr. Farwell?”

Roxanne did not plan to hide it from them. She nodded and said, “Take care of Essie. Don’t open the door for anyone and don’t sneak out either!”

The children nodded obediently. “Don’t worry, Mommy, and go and meet Mr. Farwell. We’ll be good!”

It was only after they promised did Roxanne feel at ease enough to leave the house. She hoped to get clear answers from Lucian after meeting him in person.

At the Farwell residence, Catalina was worriedly looking upstairs, wondering how Roxanne and Lucian’s conversation had gone.

She wondered if the two of them were fighting again, for Lucian had not yet come downstairs. Right then, someone rang the doorbell.

Turning over, Catalina saw that it was Roxanne. The latter looked anxious by the gate.

Catalina quickly opened the gate and the door before waiting for Roxanne by the doorway. “Mrs. Farwell, it’s late. Why did you come here in person?”

Catalina asked in concern. Roxanne bobbed her head at Catalina and said, “There are some things I need to talk to Lucian about.

Where is he?” Catalina pointed up. “Mr. Farwell’s been in the study since he came back. He hasn’t come out until now.”

Roxanne instantly turned to ascend the stairs. However, she recalled what Catalina had told her earlier and halted in her tracks. “I’ll be going up first.

Heat up the dishes and serve them to him in a bit.” Catalina finally let out a sigh of relief and quickly went to do as Roxanne told her to.

Roxanne continued her way upstairs. Lucian was standing by the tall window in the study. His jaw was tense, and the veins on his temples were visible.

The anger he felt refused to leave. I can’t believe someone’s trying to hurt Roxanne and the kids under my nose! If I didn’t notice this in time…

I’d have lost her again. Every time he thought about the possibility of losing her, Lucian would feel his chest tightening.

While he was trying his best to recompose himself, someone suddenly knocked on the door. “I’m not hungry, so leave me be,” he promptly said.

The knocking stopped. Roxanne’s voice rang out. “It’s me.” Upon hearing that voice, Lucian furrowed his brows and glanced at his scowling reflection in the window.

His track toward the door faltered. Roxanne’s voice rang out again. “Did I come too abruptly? But… I can’t be at ease. If you’re not free,

then—” The door to the study opened in the middle of her sentence. Roxanne found herself in the man’s embrace before she could even react

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