Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1496

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1496 – Lucian studied her with cold eyes for a few seconds before letting go of her collar.

Ophelia nearly fell right on her face. Thinking she had been spared, she started heaving breaths of relief. “Tie her up there,” came Lucian’s ruthless voice from above her.

Ophelia’s breath hitched. Tie me up there? Up where? Anxiously, she lifted her head, only to see the small helicopter in front of her.

At that very moment, Ophelia was certain that she was going to pass out again. Alas, the bodyguards did not give her the chance to do that as they came over to drag her to the helicopter.

Then they tied her under it. Moments later, the rotor blades began spinning. Ophelia had been restrained tightly, but she started struggling nevertheless.

“You better don’t struggle. If you do, I can’t guarantee that you won’t fall off mid-flight,” Lucian whispered in her ear.

“Horington has a nice view, but unfortunately, I can only bring you around the suburbs. Think of this as a reward for your honest words, Ms. Smith.”

Right as he said that, Lucian raised his hand a little at the pilot, and the helicopter slowly ascended into the air.

The moment her body was in the air, Ophelia turned ashen and passed out. Lucian watched the helicopter take off into the distance before turning to say, “Wait for her to return and keep a close eye on her.”

The bodyguard inclined his head. Lucian did not linger; he immediately turned to head downstairs.

Once Lucian was in the car, Cayden gave his employer a careful look. “Mr. Farwell, are we going back to the manor or…”

“We’re going back,” Lucian uttered after a moment of silence. Cayden hummed in reply and started the car.

He could guess why Lucian was not looking for Roxanne. Even he had trouble enduring the wrath seeping out of Lucian, let alone Roxanne and the children.

Ms. Smith really must have had a death wish! The car soon came to a stop before the entrance of the Farwell residence.

After giving some simple instructions to Cayden, Lucian got out of the car and went into the manor.

Catalina had made dinner, and when she saw her employer return, she walked over to him. Yet, before she could say anything, she saw Lucian gesturing to her to stay quiet.

Catalina swallowed her words and watched as Lucian went up the stairs. She could not help but worry about the expression she saw on Lucian’s face when he entered the house earlier.

wonder what happened for Mr. Farwell to be this furious. Still, Catalina did not dare to ask him about it, so she called Roxanne.

I’m sure Mr. Farwell will say something if it’s Mrs. Farwell asking. Meanwhile, Roxanne had been waiting for Lucian’s news.

She would look at her phone every once in a while. The second she received a call from the Farwell residence, she picked it up immediately.

“Mrs. Farwell,” Catalina greeted cautiously. Roxanne was momentarily stunned when she heard the way Catalina greeted her. For a moment, she thought she had gone back in time.

Before Roxanne could say anything, Catalina said, “Are you free right now? If you are, could you please call Mr. Farwell?

He seemed really angry when he came back earlier, and he even skipped his dinner. I don’t know what happened.”

In the past, Catalina would have been helpless in the face of a situation like this. She would have had no choice but to let Lucian do as he pleased.

However, Roxanne was around now. Roxanne was surprised to hear Catalina’s words. “He’s back?” Catalina replied in confusion, “He is.

What’s the matter? Were you going to meet Mr. Farwell?” Why does she sound surprised?

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