Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1498

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1498 – Lucian’s embrace was a tight one, for he was terrified that she would leave. “Don’t go.”

He yearned to see her. He wanted to feel her in his arms, but he was afraid that he would frighten the children, so he had to restrain himself from doing so.

Now that Roxanne had come, there was no way Lucian was going to let her go easily.

Roxanne did not know whether it was just her hallucination or not, but she sensed that Lucian seemed anxious.

After a second of hesitation, she raised her arms to return the hug and whispered, “I’m not going to leave.

I wanted to say that I’ll be waiting downstairs if you’re not free.” She was there for the children, after all; she would not leave in peace until she received answers to her questions.

It was then Lucian slowly relaxed his grip on her. After patting his back soothingly, Roxanne moved away from his arms and asked, “What happened?

Why are you…” Lucian slowly calmed down as he gazed at her. However, when he thought about the results of his interrogation, an iciness crept into his voice.

“Ophelia poured lubricant on your brakes. She was also the one who got Benny injured the last time.” Roxanne’s eyes widened.

“Why would she do that?” She did not remember when she had crossed Ophelia, and she could not wrap her head around why Ophelia would want her and her children dead.

“Aubree’s the one behind this.” Lucian’s tone took on an even more glacial tone. “I nearly lost you again.”

Roxanne snapped her brows together at the mention of Aubree’s name. However, in the next second, she heard Lucian’s long sigh, and she shuddered.

“You noticed her plan in time, and I’m standing here, safe and sound.” Roxanne did not know how to respond to Lucian’s heavy feelings.

She could only do her best to console him. “This is an oversight on my part. I’ll protect the children and myself well from now on.

Also, you’ve assigned more bodyguards to us, haven’t you? We’ll be fine.” Lucian could see her helpless look, so he suppressed his feelings and nodded.

“I hope so.” “About Aubree, I want to make a police report as soon as possible,” Roxanne started when she saw him averting his eyes from her.

“I previously said that I wanted to let the police handle her case, but various things have been stopping me from doing that.

I thought she would change her ways after all these matters…” If she had to be honest, Roxanne would admit that she wanted to be merciful.

However, the thought of what happened in the evening brought a determined look into Roxanne’s eyes.

“Since she refuses to turn over a new leaf, I don’t want to waste any more time. I don’t know what kind of insane, nefarious plan she’ll cook up again if she continues to escape punishment like this.”

The look in Lucian’s eyes was a grim one, but he made sure not to let its vicious undertones show in his eyes.

To Lucian, letting the police apprehend her was far too easy on her. Nevertheless, he nodded at Roxanne and said, “It’ll be up to you.”

“Where’s Ophelia right now?” If she was going to get the police involved, she would need evidence, and Ophelia would be the perfect witness for Aubree’s case.

Lucian called Cayden. After confirming that Ophelia was still under their watch, Lucian then told Roxanne about the situation.

Without hesitation, Roxanne called the police upon hearing Lucian’s explanation. If she dragged the matter on, the children could be in danger again.

Their safety was not something she was going to risk.

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