Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1495

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1495 – Roxanne knew that she would not be of any help even if she stuck around, so she did not insist on it and
went into the car.

After watching them leave, Lucian led the remaining bodyguards into their respective cars. Soon, the cars drove off.

Ophelia was blindfolded the entire way, and she found the silence in the car unnerving. “I know I’m wrong now! I really do! Please spare me!”

she begged as fear wrapped around her heart. However, she received no answer from anyone.

A while later, the car slowed down, and Ophelia’s heart lurched into her throat. She was so anxious she could barely breathe.

Various scenes from television shows kept flashing across her mind.

With the Farwell family’s wealth and power, wiping her existence would be as easy as stepping on an ant. The terror she felt reached its peak when someone came over with a rope.

After a sharp intake of breath, Ophelia passed out. By the time she woke, she was already on the top floor of a building.

Before her was a small helicopter. “How was your sleep, Ms. Smith?” Lucian had a hand in his pocket as he looked down at her expressionlessly.

Ophelia shuddered. “W-What do you want?” Lucian narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, “Who told you to do this?”

Ophelia parted her lips before clamping her mouth shut again. She fervently shook her head and said, “N-No one told me to do this.

I was the one who wanted to do this. ”If she were to reveal the mastermind behind this, Aubree was certainly going to come after her even if she survived Lucian.

“Is that so?” Lucian stepped on her hand, his expression still the same. “Then, tell me, what grudge do you have against Roxanne?”

That was a question Ophelia could not answer. If not for Aubree, she would not even know a Roxanne Jarvis existed in this world.

“I heard you have quite a bad fear of heights. I wonder what you think of this height? It should be acceptable, right?”

With a look from Lucian, Ophelia was lifted and dragged to the side until the upper half of her body was held outside the railing.

“Ah!” An intense wave of dizziness hit Ophelia. Even though she knew that someone was holding onto her from the back, she felt as if she was going to fall anytime.

Moreover, she had been restrained, so she could not struggle at all. The only thing she could do was scream.

After what seemed like eons, she was finally thrown back onto the ground. “Did that clear your mind? What grudge do you have against Roxanne?”

Lucian’s voice was like the voice of a devil who had just crawled out of hell, and a chill ran down Ophelia’s spine.

Ophelia collapsed on the ground, covered in sweat, as she said weakly, “I-I’ll tell you everything. It’s Aubree. It’s Aubree Pearson who made me do this!

I won’t do this again…” “Aubree Pearson,” Lucian said through gritted teeth, the veins on his neck popping. “It’s always her!”

This woman again! She nearly killed the children previously! All of a sudden, a thought entered Lucian’s head, and he grabbed Ophelia’s collar.

“Speak! Were you the one who hurt Benny the other time?” Ophelia’s upper body was lifted into the air, and his grip on her collar made it hard for her to breathe.

“It was… It was all Aubree’s orders. I-I won’t do this again!” If she had known early on what kind of devil she was going to cross, she would not have agreed to take on Aubree’s task no matter how much money Aubree offered her.

“I’m sorry! I’ll go to jail! Please have mercy on me!” Ophelia pleaded. She would rather go to jail than be tormented by that man.

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