Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1494

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1494 – Meanwhile, Roxanne was walking to the car with the children when she saw Lucian interrogating Ophelia.

Lucian?” Upon noticing the fury on the man’s face, she quickly stood before the children and shot Lucian a look.

Lucian clenched his fists before releasing Ophelia and gesturing for the bodyguards to let her go.

Ophelia gasped with fear. She desperately wanted to run away but was so terrified that she could barely move.

“Daddy!” the three children greeted Lucian affectionately even though Roxanne got in their way.

When Roxanne realized the atmosphere had eased a bit, she released her grip on the children.

They noticed Ophelia, who seemed somewhat out of place, and greeted her respectfully, “Ms. Smith.”

However, Ophelia was so consumed by panic that she could not hear their voices.

As the children received no response from Ophelia, they looked around at the adults in confusion. “Daddy, why are you and Ms. Smith here?”

Benny asked in his innocent, childlike voice. The children had firmly remembered Lucian’s earlier words about them calling him Mr. Farwell at home
and Daddy outside.

Sensing their confusion, Roxanne looked at Lucian nervously, as she had no idea how to explain the situation to the children.

Lucian calmly intervened, “Ms. Smith is not feeling well, so I got someone to take her to the hospital.” Lucian spoke in a natural voice, concealing his hostility.

The bodyguards around them were able to read between the lines. They grabbed Ophelia’s arms and carried her to a car nearby.

Without overthinking, Estella obediently nodded and said naively, “Daddy, make sure you help Ms. Smith get better soon, okay?”

Lucian bobbed his head non-commitally in response. The little ones looked at their father with anticipation and asked, “Are you having dinner with us tonight?”

“Not tonight. We’ll have dinner together on another day,” Lucian replied. He then instructed the bodyguards beside him, “Send them home.

Take my car.” The bodyguards agreed and proceeded to escort the children to Lucian’s car.

Roxanne, on the other hand, looked at her own car, then back at the man in front of her with a confused expression in her eyes.

“They’ll take you to the car first. Daddy has something to tell Mommy,” Lucian said to the children.

The three little ones inclined their heads in acknowledgment. Before leaving, Benny even gave Lucian a thumbs up.

As Lucian watched the children leave, the hostile energy surrounding him slowly dissipated, replaced by a faint smile.

Once the children left, Roxanne could not help but ask, “What just happened? I thought Ms. Smith had resigned. What did she…”

Lucian’s expression turned serious once again. “She wanted to harm you by tampering with your car.

We found that she was carrying a bottle of lubricant. So, for now, you shouldn’t drive this car. I’ll send it to the workshop and get someone to inspect it thoroughly.”

Fury surged inside Lucian when he thought of what could have happened had Roxanne driven that car today.

Roxanne’s face turned pale at the revelation. She glanced at her car with fear. If Lucian hadn’t found out, the kids and I would have been in danger today.

Roxanne knitted her brows when she thought of the possible consequences that might have happened.

After glaring at Ophelia with disgust, she asked, “But why did she do that?” Lucian’s face turned cold. “That’s what I want to know.

Take the children home first. I’ll keep you updated.”

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