Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1479

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1479 – Aubree was still feeling ill at ease when she saw the way he behaved. The man glanced at her calmly.

True enough, he was chatting on WhatsApp. When she saw that, she had no choice but to stop questioning him.

After breakfast, the man, being the gentleman he was, offered to send her back. Aubree turned him down without any hesitation. “It’s fine.

I can go back on my own.” She reckoned if he saw the dire straits that the Pearson family was in, he would never look at her again, let alone help her in the future.

Thankfully, he did not insist on sending her back. Aubree called for a cab when she came out of the hotel. Before leaving, she checked the rearview mirror
to see if the man was following her.

When she was certain that he was not following her, she told the driver her address in the suburbs. The man stood at the entrance of the hotel, and the smile on his face had gone awry.

Right then, his phone rang. It was a message from his assistant that read: Mr. Crawford, the photos have already been distributed to the various media in Horington. Very soon, they will spread around.

Shawn Crawford smiled with satisfaction before replying: All right. Lucian had appeared out of nowhere a few years ago and outshone all the youths in the business world.

Shawn did not like the feeling that someone was better than him, so he decided to go abroad to develop his career. Since he had only returned home two days ago, he had no idea about the cancellation of the engagement between Lucian and Aubree.

The moment he returned home, he had gone drinking at the bar with some friends. That was where he bumped into Aubree and Frieda.

Without hesitation, Shawn took advantage of Aubree. Having been suppressed by Lucian for so long, Shawn could not wait to embarrass him.

If the world found out that Lucian’s fiancée was such a promiscuous woman, there was no way he couldface the world.

Shawn found it hilarious when he recalled how gullible Aubree was. Not only did she believe him, but she even attempted to make use of him.

This woman is so dumb! I wonder what Lucian sees in her! That very afternoon, one photo began spreading like wildfire all over the internet.

It was a photo of Aubree in her nightgown. Her hair was messy, and her neck was covered with hickeys.

One look and anyone could tell that they were freshly planted. Instantly, the internet was in an uproar. The moment Shawn knew about it, he kept his eyes on the comments online.

He had thought that people would accuse Lucian of being weak and incapable and that he could not even keep a close watch on his fiancée.

Yet he did not expect the netizens to scold Aubree alone. They were very supportive of Lucian instead.

One netizen commented: No wonder Mr. Farwell says there is something wrong with her character. She claims that she has been waiting for Mr. Farwell for six years. Yet, shortly after the cancellation of their engagement, she sleeps with another man!

Another wrote: Tsk! What a hussy! She has finally shown her true colors! She’s not fit to be with Mr. Farwell! Someone posted: Looks like Mr. Farwell and his original spouse are indeed a match made in heaven! Aubree Pearson is not good enough for Mr. Farwell at all!

Shawn was perplexed as he read the online comments. Their engagement has been called off? When did that happen? How come I didn’t hear anything about it?

He closed the social media app and searched for Kai Jackson’s phone number. Kai was one of his closest friends in Chanaea.

The call was answered very quickly. “Yo! I can’t believe a busy man like you has the time to call me. I heard you came back. When shall we meet up for a meal?”

Shawn was not in the mood for small talk with his friend. Instead, he went straight to the point. “What’s going on between Lucian and his fiancée?”

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