Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1480

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1480 – “Fiancée?” Kai shot back a question with a meaningful look. “Which fiancée are you talking about?

During your absence, a lot of things have happened in Mr. Farwell’s life!” Shawn’s heart sank slightly when he heard that. “What do you mean?

Isn’t Aubree Pearson his fiancée?” Kai laughed out loud when he heard that. “That was eight hundred years ago! Back then, I noticed that Lucian had been treating Aubree with indifference.

I found it strange that the Farwell and Pearson families have managed to hold on to the engagement for many years.”

Shawn did not respond. Instead, he continued to listen to his friend’s rambling. “The Farwell family called off the engagement two years ago.

Lucian even implied that Aubree has a poor character. It turns out that his ex-wife is back in the country with two children.

Right now, the Pearson family is being made bankrupt by the Farwell family, and Lucian is getting it on with his ex-wife again!”

Kai was very animated when he was gossiping. It was as if he could not wait to get involved in the drama.

Back then, who would have thought that Lucian’s love life would have so many ups and downs? Shawn was also very shocked when he heard that.

As far as he knew, Lucian had always been a cold person. He did not expect Lucian to do something like that.

Shawn was very disappointed when he realized that everything he had planned the night before had gone to waste. “

I can’t believe they call off their engagement. Such a pity. Then again, that woman is not too bad at all.”

This time, Kai was the one who was startled. “Which woman are you talking about?” Please don’t tell me that my good buddy has slept with Lucian’s ex-wife the moment he comes back.

Shawn tutted. “Of course, I’m referring to Aubree. Who else can it be? I thought they were still engaged!” Everything had happened too abruptly the previous night.

He had noticed Frieda with Aubree and automatically assumed that the three families were still as close as before. There was no time for him to find out about the real situation.

However, all was not lost. That woman was really something. The only annoying part was he ended up sleeping with Lucian’s garbage.

Kai let out a sigh of relief. “Given the position the Pearson family is in now, you will have no issue paying for one night for her company.

” Just as he finished talking, he suddenly realized something. “Were you the one who posted that photo online?”

Shawn admitted nonchalantly, “Yes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t achieve my goal.” Having been friends with him for several years, Kai naturally knew what he meant.

Shawn had been suppressed by Lucian all the while. All Shawn wanted to do was embarrass Lucian. As usual, his scheme did not go as planned.

Kai sighed because he felt sorry for his friend. “The moment you return home, you pull off such a stunt. It looks like you intend to fight it out with Lucian this time.”

There was undisguised ambition in Shawn’s eyes. Yet, his voice gave the impression that he did not care. “I just want to assert my dominance.

That’s all. Even though my plan has failed, it’s fine. I’m not in a hurry to compete against him. Lucian has made much progress in Horington all these

It will take more than a day for me to defeat him. I’ll have to take my time and consider my moves.”

There was also something else that Shawn did not mention. It was only a matter of time before he would defeat Lucian.

The whole world would know that Lucian was nothing but a loser! I, Shawn Crawford, am the true business genius!

Kai smiled respectfully. “I’m on your side. Make sure you show Lucian who you really are.” Shawn chuckled and said nothing.

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