Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1478

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1478 – “I would say I’m pretty easy on the eyes. Getting to sleep with me isn’t that much of a loss for you.”

He tucked a finger under her chin and lifted it so that she was looking right at him. “You truly are a delicacy. I hope you won’t forget me anytime soon.

As he spoke, his hand began to slide down Aubree’s neck, and he started to bend down until he was hovering right over her.

She snapped back to her senses and pushed his hand away with a scowl on her face. “Get out! Don’t make me repeat myself!”

The man chuckled amusedly at her angry look and actually began to walk out. Soon enough, Aubree was left alone in the hotel room.

She began to look around her, trying to recall what had happened last night. No matter how much she tried to make sense of her surroundings, she just couldn’t remember what happened.

She had assumed that someone had been hired to assault her. However, that man didn’t look like someone who could be hired. In fact, he looked more like the one who would be doing the hiring.

Aubree felt a little more relieved at that. Maybe it really was just a drunk mistake. No matter what had actually transpired, she couldn’t stay here any

Gritting her teeth against the pain radiating from her waist, she got out of bed and was about to put her clothes back on when she heard the door swing open again.

The man had returned. Aubree screamed in shock and quickly wrapped the hotel robe around her, glaring at him in rage.

He innocently held up the bag he was holding. “You must be exhausted after everything that happened last night, Ms. Pearson.

I went to buy some breakfast for you.” Then, with a smirk, he continued, “I already saw everything you have to offer last night. Don’t bother covering up around me.”

Aubree’s face was bright red with shame and anger. “Stop looking at me!” He obediently turned around.

Just a moment later, he turned back around and nonchalantly placed her breakfast on the table before beckoning for her to come and eat.

Aubree only had time to properly tie the robe around herself. Still, she felt much more confident now that she was actually dressed.

“How do you know who I am?” she asked, looking at him cautiously. He rose an eyebrow. “It’s not that hard to figure out. Is there a single person in Harington who doesn’t know about you and Mr. Farwell?”

Aubree’s face contorted when the man mentioned her past relationship. “Shut up!” The man shrugged, unfazed, before laying her breakfast out for her.

Aubree sat down with a frigid expression and began eating. The fact was that whatever happened last night couldn’t be undone, and that man had already told her that he knew about her and Lucian’s relationship.

She suspected that the worst-case scenario was that he wanted to take advantage of her when she was at her lowest.

If this had happened in the past, she would never have let him get away with it. Now, however, she was beginning to think that he could be put to good use.

All it would take was just her body to win him over, and at this point in her life, there was nothing she wasn’t willing to sell out.

The mysterious man’s aura and the hotel room she was in both boasted his financial state. Even if the Pearson family could no longer rise from the ashes again, she could still use this man to show Roxanne who she was messing with.

Her expression softened, and she even began to form some semblance of a smile when she looked up at the man. “What are you looking at?”

she asked warily, noticing how the man would look at her occasionally from his phone. He frowned and said helplessly, “It’s company stuff.

Imagine bothering me this early without even a good morning to be heard.” He started tapping on his phone again as he spoke.

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