Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1477

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1477 – At that moment in the Farwell residence, Lucian had just finished his work and was about to give
Roxanne a call.

Since Estella was now staying at Roxanne’s house, Lucian kept using it as an excuse to call her whenever he had time.

He had just picked up his phone when a message from an unfamiliar number popped up. Lucian frowned and opened it.

A few pictures began loading on the screen. They were taken in a bar, and the dim lighting made it hard to make out most of the details.

However, right in the middle of the picture was Aubree all cozied up against a random man as she sipped from his glass.

The pictures after that were all of them leaving together. Lucian’s eyes gleamed with disdain. The Pearson family was now in near shambles, but Aubree somehow still had the nerve to go out and party as if nothing had ever happened.

Who could guarantee that she hadn’t done the same in the six years that she had been with him? He saved the pictures and forwarded them all to his mother without explaining anything.

He felt the pictures already spoke for themselves and Sonya would understand him well enough.

After that, Lucian finally called Roxanne like he had been meaning to and began talking about Estella to cover up the real reason he called.

Early the next morning, Aubree woke up in a hotel room. Her hangover made her head hurt, and she felt sluggish.

When she opened her eyes, the unfamiliar surroundings that slowly swam into view caused her to frown in confusion.

She was about to get up and try to find out where she was when she realized with a shock that she was naked.

Apart from that, her back and waist were also screaming in pain. Her eyes widened in surprise and she pulled the blanket aside, only to find bruises and marks all over her body.

It was clearer than day what had happened last night. She gripped the blanket so tightly she could feel her nails digging through the fabric as she sat in a panic.

She couldn’t remember anything, not even the face of the man she had slept with last night. The door suddenly opened right as her panic was beginning to eat her alive.

She pulled the blanket up and wrapped it around herself tightly as she stared at the doorway defiantly, trying to act composed.

A tall man walked into the room. His handsome face lit up with an ambiguous smile when he saw that Aubree was awake.

“I should have been there next to you. What a shame that I had to miss such a beautiful moment.” As he spoke, he walked toward the bed and stood right next to Aubree.

He narrowed his almond eyes in satisfaction, staring at Aubree admiringly as if he were reminiscing the events of last night. “It’s you!”

Aubree had a sinking gut feeling that the man in front of her was the one she had slept with last night.

She gripped the blanket again, wishing she could disappear inside of it. “Who are you? Who sent you here?”

The man simply continued staring at her and licked his lips greedily as his eyes glinted coldly.

“You don’t have to be so on edge around me, Ms. Pearson. I’m not someone who can be ordered around so easily.

What if I was just craving your beauty?” Aubree stared at him with wide eyes, her expression full of distrust. “I don’t care what you are!

Get out right now and forget everything that happened last night or you won’t live to see another day!”

The man shrugged almost regretfully and leaned down. The collar of his black button-up opened slightly and as he lowered his head toward Aubree, his toned chest began to show slightly. His entire being radiated with nonchalance. Even Aubree couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

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