Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1474

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1474 – Meanwhile, Frieda could not help but feel uneasy as she had not received any news from Aubree for
several days.

She knew Aubree would not let the matter slide without a fight. Frieda also believed that she was the only person Aubree could rely on.

She would not have had any problem with Aubree asking her for money, but the biggest issue was that she had not heard from Aubree in the last couple of days.

Frieda was worried that Aubree might become desperate and drag her down with her! With each passing day without any news from Aubree, she grew increasingly restless.

In the afternoon, Frieda did not wait for the end of the workday before packing her bag and leaving Queen Group in haste, driving toward the suburbs.

She had to go and check on Aubree personally. Otherwise, she would not feel at peace!

After arriving at the entrance of the suburban mansion, Frieda stood hesitantly outside the gate.

The crazy look on Gina’s face was still fresh in her memory. Frieda was worried that Gina might confront her aggressively if she barged into the mansion and bumped into that woman again.

After giving it some thought, she gave Aubree a call. It did not take long before Aubree answered the call. “What’s up, Frieda?”

Aubree’s voice was calm, almost unaffected. It was as if she was not bothered by anything at all.

Frieda was bewildered by her friend’s demeanor, but she dared not express it. She said, “Aubree, I’m here to see you. I’m downstairs at your house now.

our mom…” Hearing the anxiety in her voice, Aubree chuckled lightly. “Come on in. They’re not at home.”

These days, Samuel and Gina had been reaching out to others, seeking help and hoping that someone would lend them a helping hand.

Little did they know that the entire Herington knew they had offended the Farwell family. Who would dare to go against the Farwells to help them?

Frieda heaved a sigh of relief when she learned that Gina was away. After entering the villa, she proceeded directly to Aubree’s bedroom.

Aubree’s room remained tidy, even though she had fallen on hard times. It looked almost the same as her previous bedroom.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s here. What brings you here today?” Aubree looked at the person in front of her with a hint of mockery in her eyes.

A hint of guilt flashed across Frieda’s eyes. Panicked, she fished a card out of her bag and handed it to Aubree.

“I was worried you might not have enough money. There’s five hundred thousand in this card. Feel free to use it first.”

She had come all the way here to give Aubree money. That was the only intention she had in mind.

Yet, after seeing how carefree and cheerful Aubree was, Frieda felt a little uneasy. Aubree seemed to be in a much better mood than before, and there was no sign of her previous resentment.

Frieda was afraid she had already done something behind her back, but she dared not ask directly. She did not want to risk provoking Aubree and making her go crazy.

After a brief consideration, Frieda continued trying to please her. “I think you must be bored being alone. There’s a new bar in town. Shall we go have a drink tonight?” Aubree sized her up for a bit before agreeing without uttering anything.

Since it would take time for her to carry out her plan, she might as well have some fun first.

As the sky gradually darkened, Frieda drove Aubree into the city, taking numerous turns before arriving at a narrow alley where the new bar was situated.

The dispute between the Pearsons and the Farwells had caused a big fuss, and this bar happened to be opened by someone in their social circle.

Thus, Frieda deliberately chose a secluded booth to avoid being seen hanging out with Aubree.

Once they were seated, Frieda began to pour alcohol for Aubree, hoping to get her drunk and then coax some information out of her.

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