Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1473

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1473 – Due to Benny’s injury, the three kids didn’t attend their classes at the kindergarten for the time being.

As a result, Ophelia didn’t have the chance to make her move. Aubree repeatedly received disappointing updates from Ophelia when she contacted the latter on multiple occasions.

Exasperated, Aubree invited Ophelia out once more. “Aubree, there’s nothing I can do either.

Who would’ve expected that btch to stop the other two kids from attending school after that little bstard got hurt!” Ophelia uttered helplessly.

She thought she could still target Archie and Estella while Benny recuperated at home due to his injury.

To her surprise, she received news that all three children had applied for leave the following day.

Aubree clenched her fists. Hatred filled her eyes as she spoke. “That btch!” The two women grimaced, stumped at the development.

While vexed, Ophelia carefully observed the changes in Aubree’s countenance, fearing the latter might get sick and tired of her.

After a long while, Aubree piped up, “You should resign.” Upon hearing that, Ophelia furrowed her brows and hastily said, “Be patient, Aubree.

They’ll have to return to school sooner or later. I’ll have my chances when that happens.” She thought Aubree was giving up on her.

If that were the case, the position Aubree promised to secure for her at Pearson Group would become nothing but a dream.

However, Aubree merely glanced at her impatiently. “I suspect they are starting to mistrust you.

I’m afraid they will find out about our plan if you continue staying there, so there’s no need to take this risk.”

Ophelia’s tense facial expression significantly relaxed after she heard that. Still, she remained cautious.

“In that case, what should I—” Aubree said, “I have a plan. You will resign for now and look for a place to lay low. I’ll contact you afterward.”

Ophelia agreed. When she returned to the kindergarten, she met with Jeffrey to discuss her resignation.

Jeffrey was puzzled by Ophelia’s decision to quit after working there for just a few days.

“Is this because you think our kindergarten is not offering you optimal pay and benefits? Please voice out if you have any requests.

I believe you’re also aware of how important the class you’re handling is, so we desperately need manpower currently.

” Ophelia wore a troubled look. “That’s exactly why I wish to resign.” He frowned. “What do you mean?”

Ophelia replied, “You mentioned it yourself. The three kids in our class are the children of the Farwell family.

I’m genuinely terrified now that one of them got hurt. I doubt my ability to take care of them, and I’m also afraid of facing the Farwell family’s wrath should the kids get injured again.”

To sum it up, Ophelia was too timid. She stood firm on leaving even after he persuaded her for some time.

Having no other choice, Jeffrey could only accept her notice to quit. After exiting the kindergarten, Ophelia used the money Aubree gave her to check into a hotel while waiting for the latter to contact her.

When they had their meal earlier, Aubree merely told Ophelia she had a plan but didn’t specify the details.

Meanwhile, Aubree returned to the mansion in the suburb. Disdain filled her eyes when she took in the mansion’s run-down appearance.

I will regain my previous lifestyle one day! Whoever wishes to live in this hellhole can feel free to do so! Roxanne, you btch, I will never let you off!

Since you’re keeping those children so well-protected, I am left with no alternative but to target you. I will make sure you regret snatching what belongs to me!

A vicious look crept over Aubree’s face when she thought of her plan. “Just you wait, Roxanne! I’ll let you experience the suffering I’ve endured.

You will pay dearly for what you’ve done to me!”

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